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Montgomery boys build confidence, homes for endangered birds

Roosevelt Robinson told the kids to make sure they were wearing protective eyewear. It was spring break for many local schools, and Robinson warned them that they did not want to go back to school the following week with an eye patch.

Boys line the tables set up in the middle of a field at Millbrook. The boys face each other, set up in teams of two, to build birdhouses. The birdhouses, with their exactly one-and-a-half-inch diameter holes are meant for endangered songbirds to nest.

Robinson is an Urban Regional Extension Agent with the Alabama Cooperative Extension System. His role is delivering educational outreach to underserved adult and youth populations in Alabama.

Roosevelt Robinson leads a group of students to set up nest boxes during an outing for Fortitude Academy at Greensky Gives farm in Millbrook, Ala., on Tuesday, March 22, 2022.

Today, he is working with the youth of the Fortitude Academy at GreenSky Gives Family Farm to establish recovery trails for endangered songbirds, such as chickadees, tree swallows and eastern bluebirds.

As the boys assemble the birdhouses, they’re told to put the nails in their pockets, so they don’t lead to tire punctures later if a car drives onto the field. Robinson turns a hammer around in a boy’s hand to help him pull out a misaligned nail.

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