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Mother Dog Refuses to Eat Meal Without Her Puppies in Sweet Video

Dogs living in a forest were brought food by volunteers, but a mother dog did not eat until she led one volunteer to her puppies, as seen in a now-viral video.

The video, which was recently shared by u/BrandonTaylor89 on the subreddit “Made Me Smile” where it received more than 26,000 votes, was first posted to YouTube by Adorable Paws. There, it received more than 1 million views.

The mother dog stood by as other dogs ate the dry food left on the ground for them before she walked down the path where her litter of puppies emerged from the trees.

A piece written for the American Kennel Club discussed maternal instincts in mother dogs.

It isn’t until the puppies are between 3- to 4-weeks-old that they begin to transition into eating more solid foods as opposed to nursing. And, there’s a period the puppies stay with their mother before they are separated.

“A canine mother is very protective on day one, but after a couple of days, the mamma will let other people near her babies,” Dr. Ann Hohenhaus, a staff doctor at Animal Medical Center, said in the organization’s piece.

According to the video description published by Adorable Paws, the mother dog did not have an appetite when volunteers left food for the dogs in the forest.

“The mother dog wanted to eat with the puppies,” the description read. “She started walking deeper into the forest. We followed her. The mother dog took us to the puppies. Motherhood is sacred.”

As the video continued, the litter of puppies swarmed their mother, and many of them attempted to nurse.

When a mixture of wet and dry food was set down, the puppies quickly gathered around to begin eating. The mother circled her puppies before she bent down to have a bite to eat herself with her pups.

“She says, ‘Please give my pups some of the food from the bag so they stop biting me!'” a Reddit commenter wrote.

Commented another, “She was begging them to give her pups some kibble. Those teeth came in at 5 weeks and she was done. Those pups look around 8 weeks old and probably have a mouth full of sharp pup teeth.”

One Reddit user related to the mother dog.

“As a human mom I don’t eat until my kids are served,” they wrote.

A mother dog is seen in a viral video not eating until she is with her litter of puppies. Here, a file photo of husky puppies with their mother.
Andrii Zorii/iStock

Newsweek reached out to Adorable Paws for comment.

This mother dog isn’t the only pup to have gone viral. A viral TikTok video showed a woman’s Golden Retriever returning home from daycare in a school bus.

One dog was captured in a viral video going for a swim in its owner’s swimming pool, while another dog’s hairstyle was seen in a TikTok video viewed more than 4 million times.

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