Mum on hunt for daughter’s missing toys sets up cameras to catch cat stealing them

A woman called Christine, who has a daughter and a cat, decided to set up hidden cameras when her daughter’s toys continued to go missing – and it wasn’t long before she caught her culprit

Batman the cat has been misbehaving

Anyone who owns a cat will tell you it’s almost impossible to get them to behave when they don’t want to comply.

Unlike dogs who can be trained to be obedient, cats do whatever they want, whenever they want – and the humans around them just have to deal with it.

Very often, they run the household and get away with being naughty, because they simply don’t pay attention to the humans trying to tell them off.

But on top of a sassy attitude, some cat owners have to deal with other unruly traits in their feline friends – which can sometimes be downright disruptive.

One woman called Christine, who has a daughter and a pet cat, started to notice her daughter’s cuddly toys were disappearing one by one – and sometimes, items that were kept in one part of the house would appear somewhere totally different the next day.

Hidden cameras revealed Batman was getting up to no good



The cat had been pinching toys and moving them around the house



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After a little while, the mum picked out a key suspect in the household – and came up with an ingenious way to figure out if her theory was correct.

She told the Laughing Squid she set up cameras around the house to try and solve the mystery.

And when she reviewed the footage, she caught her culprit red-handed – it was the family cat, Batman.

After keeping the cameras in operation for a few days, Christine discovered Batman wasn’t striking now and again – rather, he was a serial offender.

Footage showed him stealing toys from her daughter’s room most nights when she left the door open.

Since Christine first made the discovery, the family has grown accustomed to Batman moving things around at night at his own will, and no one bothers to try and stop him.

In fact, as Christine’s daughter grew up, the family decided that rather than throwing her toys away, they’d keep them in a stash for Batman to move around the house whenever he pleased.

To this day, the munchkin cat roams around at night moving items all around the house – including their clothes.

Christine shares her cat’s antics on Instagram under @batman_the_munchkin_cat – and since the family got another kitten, Larry, he appears to be following in his big brother’s footsteps.

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