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‘My dad ate dog biscuits for 20 years- he mistook them for off-brand Digestives’

The woman couldn’t help but laugh at her dad’s unfortunate mistake and when she asked him whether he’ll carry on eating the dog biscuits, he said he was undecided

He has been buying snacks from the same shop for 20 years

Everybody gets peckish at work – but not everybody has the freedom to leave their post to nip to the shop for a small snack.

However, one delivery driver has made a habit out of stopping off at a corner shop for a few biscuits every time he fills his van up with petrol.

After 20 years of nipping at the same shop for the same snack, he has discovered his favorite “off-brand Digestives” are actually dog ​​biscuits.

Unable to contain her laughter, his daughter has shared her dad’s unfortunate mistake on Reddit after discovering he has been accidentally gobbling down dog treats once a week for almost her entire life.

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His daughters couldn’t stop laughing at him


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She said: “So my dad was speaking about the increase in petrol prices and this led him on to talking about the corner shop he visits on a weekly basis for a packet of biscuits.

“He has been going to his shop for about 20 years to get these biscuits. He said they’re his favorite and they’re the only shop he can find them in. He says he has looked in Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsbury’s biscuits sections but he can’t find them.

“Anyway, a few days after this conversation, he brought home a packet for me because he wanted to show me just how good they are.”

After just glancing at the packet, the woman “burst out laughing” and broke the news to her dad about his favorite biscuits.

“Clear as day on the packet, dog treats. He has been eating dog treats for 20 years! I honestly can’t believe it! I have been laughing about this for hours now,” she added.

“He said he thought they were off-brand Digestives or something because they’re round and not ‘bone shaped’.”

The woman says she called her sister right away to inform her about their dad’s unfortunate mistake, saying she couldn’t help up laugh either.

She added: “He couldn’t believe it. I asked him if he is going to carry out buying and eating them and he said he is undecided.

“This was about a week ago now so when he went to fill up with petrol today, he text me saying they just don’t taste the same now he knows they’re for dogs!”

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