‘My date ghosted me when I told her my dog’s name – she looked so disappointed’

A 27-year-old man has taken to Reddit to ask whether he should rename his dog after his date ‘ghosted’ him because of his name – he hasn’t been able to secure a long-term girlfriend

He named his dog David

When navigating the dating world, hopeful romantics can spend months trying to track down someone compatible enough to take on a date.

But even after all that ground work, things might not work out.

One man has revealed how his date ‘ghosted’ him after learning his dog’s name – and has been left questioning whether he should rename his precious pet to help him secure a girlfriend.

Speaking to Reddit, the 27-year-old said: “I just met this girl and we been on a few dates already but one day she came over to my house and met my dog.

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She stopped responding to his messages


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“When I told her his name is David, she looked really disappointed but didn’t say anything and it’s been three days and she isn’t responding to my calls or texts.”

Believing their date went off without a hitch, the man doesn’t understand what he did wrong to give her ‘the ick’ – and ended up putting it down to his dog’s human-inspired name.

He asked: “Did I really mess up? Should I rename my dog? Anyone else here have a dog named David?”

While most users agree he is better off without her, others believe there must have been something else which put her off him.

One user said: “She’s either not responding for something else that happened on the date or is crazy for ghosting you because your dog has a human name. I think human names for dogs are the best.”

Another user added: “If you’re considering changing your dog’s name based on a single person’s reaction to it, you need to stop right there.

“If she is hung up on a dog’s name, consider what other minor things she may consider a problem. Making a mountain out of a molehill is red flag number one and is only the beginning.

“Don’t reconsider a name change because someone else doesn’t care for it. It’s not harming them and it’s only their opinion which does not matter because it is your dog.

“I love it. I’m just imaging saying a ‘human’s name; over and over again when talking to/disciplining them. Same applies to my dog’s name but totally opposite direction, Satan. I find it hilarious and I don’t care what people think or how they react.”

A third user said: “If that girl isn’t willing to accept your dog’s name as it is then that is a massive red flag.

“She might have ghosted you for other reasons anyway, but please don’t rename your dog just to please her.

“I would consider it a sign that she’s completely wrong for you.

“It’s almost as hateful as someone dissing your child’s name for crying out loud.”

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