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History of National Professional Pet Sitters Week

National Professional Pet Sitters Week was introduced in 1995 by Pet Sitters International. The holiday runs through the first full week in March. According to Pet Sitters International, “this annual observance honors professional pet-care providers, seeks to educate the pet-owning public about the advantages of professional in-home pet care, and encourages pet-loving entrepreneurs to explore professional pet sitting as a viable career.” Today, pet sitting has become an illustrious and well-appreciated career. This trend is expected to rise as many pet owners continue to see the importance of employing professional help in caring for their pets. But this wasn’t always the case.

In 1983, when Patti J. Moran began her pet-sitting business, she wasn’t immediately recognized, and she faced a lack of enthusiasm from insurance companies and the general public. But her passion pushed her on, and in 1987, she wrote on the topic, “Pet Sitting for Profit”, which eventually became published as a guidebook for professional pet sitters.

Over the next seven years, she was able to garner public support and also unify other pet sitters, and in 1994, Pet Sitters International was born. Over the years, Pet Sitters International has continued to provide resources to pet sitters and others who desired to venture into the business of providing such service.

Since 1995, the first full week in March has been decided to highlight the progress made in the industry, not only in the country but throughout the whole world. Also, it is a time when pet sitters are provided with kits and tips for delivering better services.

Moran has received several awards for her many contributions to the pet-sitting industry.

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