Northern Wisconsin snowmobiler ‘deliberately’ walks into Iditarod musher, injures multiple dogs

(WFRV) – A well-known musher, who is the grandson of the Iditarod founder, said a snowmobiler in northern Wisconsin “deliberately” walked towards him and hit several dogs.

According to Ryan Redington, who is an Alaskan musher and two-time winner of the John Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon, he and his slush dogs were hit by a snowmobiler in northern Wisconsin. Redington said the snowmobiler “intentionally” veered to the left side of the trail at high speed and hit several dogs.

Redington posted information in the Bayfield County Snowmobile Alliance, which has been shared nearly 900 times.

Redington’s training partner, Sarah, said the driver briefly stopped, but then drove off at high speed. Sarah also started a gofundme for injured dogs which has already raised nearly $40,000.

The incident reportedly happened around 6:45 p.m. on January 8 on the Tri-County Corridor Trail in Bayfield County. Redington says he filed a police report.

In a message to the Bayfield County Snowmobile Alliance, Redington said the driver had just stopped at Skerbeck Road and was going down the track on the right side. The driver then accelerated and approached the edge of the track where Redington’s team was.

Redington said he knew he had to swing his sled off the track or he was going to get hit. Several dogs were injured, including the dog just in front of the sled. This dog is said to have had its hind legs broken in three different places.

Sarah mentions two dogs that were injured in the incident, “Willy” and “Wildfire”. Wildfire is the dog who broke his leg in three places. Willy was described as having lacerations and a badly bruised front leg.

Wildfire is said to be back at Mission Animal Hospital on Jan. 13 for another surgery.

Willy led the Redington team to victory in the 2021 Kobuk440 and Wildfire was part of the winning team in the 2021 Iditarod Jr. and finished the 2021 846-mile Iditarod with Redington in 7th place.

It has also been mentioned that when mushing after sunset, their lead dogs wear harnesses or flashing collars and mushers wear LEAD headlamps with “very powerful beams”.

Redington is the grandson of Iditarod founder Joe Redington, Sr.

Bayfield County is approximately 270 miles northwest of Green Bay. Local 5 will continue to update this story.

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