NYE Sydney: ABC slam viewers ‘woke up’ kids fireworks show at 9pm

Social media users have accused the city of Sydney and ABC of politicizing the New Year’s Eve fireworks display for children at 9:00 p.m.

Social media users have accused the city of Sydney and ABC of politicizing the 9pm children’s New Year’s Eve fireworks show, which included a performance by rappers in “Black Lives Matter” t-shirts.

The traditional family-friendly fireworks show, hosted by ABC’s Zan Rowe and Charlie Pickering, was a “Welcome to the Country” theme curated by indigenous artist Blak Douglas.

After an evening show hosted by ABC Kids’ Hunter and Chenelle The gang of wonders Douglas hosted the 9pm fireworks.

“We are seizing one of the most famous icons on the planet,” he said, describing the Sydney Harbor Bridge as “an icon that was never consulted by either the people of Gadigal or Cammeray.”

The fireworks at 9:00 p.m. M. They were set with an electronic indigenous-themed soundtrack, divided into two parts: the first in honor of the cultures of the First Nations of the continent and the second in honor of those of the Torres Strait islands.

The fireworks were followed by rap duo Barkaa and Dobby’s performance of their 2020 song “I Can’t Breathe,” which called for justice for the 438 indigenous people who died in police custody.

“White Australia has a future Blak,” the couple rapped onstage, wearing T-shirts with the words “BLM” and “I Can’t Breathe,” a reference to George Floyd’s death.

Reaction to the 9 p.m. show was mixed online, with some criticizing the tone, but others praising the representation and indigenous themes.

“Your ABC wastes our taxpayers’ money as only they can make children [fireworks] as political as possible, “wrote one person on Twitter.

Another person tweeted on ABC: “Where do you have the 9:00 PM family theme? [gone]? Why has he become political? The kids wanted to hear good music before bed, how disappointing. “

One woman agreed and wrote: “Totally terrible!”

Another commenter said that he “usually woke up and freaked out on ABC,” adding that he had “left the air out of the room for the 9:00 PM fireworks for kids.”

“Children want fireworks, why deviate from [what] does the audience want to promote something else? ” he wrote.

But others said they enjoyed the show.

“Loving the First Nations approach to the fireworks and 9:00 pm entertainment. M. Curated by Blak Douglas, ”tweeted one woman.

“Congratulations to @ABCTV for tonight’s performance,” wrote another.

Many pointed out that the city of Sydney, not ABC, runs the fireworks show.

“This is, and always will be, the land of Gadigal,” the city of Sydney tweeted.

“A smoking ceremony [aboard] Tribal Warrior kicks off our New Years Eve celebrations. The smoking ceremony honors the traditional custodians of the land, past and present, and welcomes visitors to the land of Gadigal ”.


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