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One type of bird’s intelligence is something to crow about

Q. I see crows around the mall near a few fast-food places with outdoor seating. They don’t let people get close but will pick up discarded French fries as well as dropped hot dogs and hamburgers. Occasionally, they pick up condiment packages. Obvious edibles are understandable, but why fool around with unopened mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise packets?

A. Crows are opportunistic scavengers and fast learners. They are likely to investigate anything they find if it might produce a meal. Crows have learned to look in takeout bags that people throw away because there might be leftover food inside. It probably takes a crow only one successful find to make bag-searching a common ritual for it and any buddies who were watching. They probably associate the little packets of condiments with the available food and check them out for a possible reward. Some have surely figured out how to bite open the packets. We should never underestimate the intelligence of crows. Who knows? Maybe some have found they like mustard on a half-eaten hotdog they’ve scavenged.

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