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Online Folks Reveal 26 Stories About Cats And Their Engaging Night Routines

Being a pet owner is something otherwordly. You get to spend all your days with a furry friend, knowing that, no matter what, there’ll always be someone waiting for you at home. It’s impossible to get bored with them, plus research shows that animals are an effective antidote to anxiety and stress.

When someone owns a dog, it’s pretty self-explanatory as everyone is aware of their friendliness and excessive energy, which automatically bounds you to a very fulfilling life. However, what about cats? It seems that those little creatures are so independent that it often feels that they own us, and not the other way around.

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Cats are known to have different sleep-wake cycles and are often quite busy at night

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An online user took it to Twitter to reveal her amusing discovery about cats and their busy nightlife. @Lauralexx shared how puzzled she was when she found out that cats practically take over the houses once their humans close their eyes – the thread then inspired other folks to share their own stories about their pets’ night adventures.

A Twitter user and simultaneously a dog owner revealed how confused she was to learn about cats’ abundant nightlife

Picture credits: lauralexx

Wouldn’t it be amazing to know what your pets are up to while you’re visiting dreamland or are simply away? Especially if you have multiple animals that you regularly leave alone for 6+ hours. There’s no way that our pets don’t let loose when the house is left empty – they’re definitely up to something. Maybe the truth is not as exciting, but how exciting it is to think about this secret pet business that is potentially happening when we’re away or sleeping.

Picture credits: lauralexx

Long story short, the author revealed that when she stayed at a cat owner’s house, she came across some interesting things about these furry cuties. Being a dog owner herself, the OP couldn’t believe that cats practically don’t sleep at night. Laura also hilariously mentioned that at some point during the night, she realized that the animal was spending its carefree hours by staring at her face, and when she mentioned this phenomenon to her friend, the owner blessed her with the good old “she does that to check if you’re still breathing,” making the author wonder whether a homicide is being secretly planned.

Picture credits: lauralexx

Picture credits: lauralexx

Laura finished her entertaining thread by sharing how exciting it is to know that cats have some sort of business to do while their owners are asleep, though the theory applies to cats and cats only, as the author doesn’t believe in such an engaging nightlife for her dog. She mentions that she imagines her dog sitting by the bed, waiting for her to wake up just to put on a performance in an exchange for treats.

The thread then encouraged other folks to share their pets’ amusing stories

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Most cats are indeed significantly active during your sleep time. Most owners have some responsibilities to do during the day, for instance, work or school, which is why your pet is usually resting or sleeping – especially if it’s the only pet in the household. However, once you get home, that’s when their excitement kicks in, and they’re ready to let their energy out. To be more specific, late evenings and early mornings are actually the most natural time for cats to be up and about, so there’s a considerable chance of you being bitten on your toe when you least expect it.

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Though it might be hard to accept your pet’s wild nightlife, we need to respect their inner clocks. Just like us, they have their own responsibilities and instincts, it’s just that our timeline happens to differ. Twilight is the most comfortable time for cats, as in the wild, this is also the time when many rodents are waking up and starting to move around, so it’s in their nature to be up and hunting, even if they’re homebodies.

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Yet, if for some reason it’s absolutely unbearable, there are a few things you can do to change your cat’s schedule. For example, entertain your cat and take away a few of their late naps. A laser pointer works wonders and it might do a good job at tiring out your cat. Some even suggest leaving a few bits and pieces for your cat to do while you’re away on your daytime duties, for example, leaving the TV on with some nature shows, etc.

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Though, it seems like a lot of cats have actually adapted to their owner’s timetables and are not so overly energetic when the household is sleeping. Either way, it’s crucial to respect your pet’s habits and not to punish whenever it does something that doesn’t suit you, even if you’re tired of your cat walking all over you while you’re sleeping.

Here are a few more entertaining cat stories from fellow Twitter users

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