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Oscar awards? Here are some for the birds

Among avian Oscar nominees, almost everyone wins at something.

Envelope, please.

Most gorgeous bird? Hmmm. So many nominees. Hummingbird, cardinal, bluebird, indigo bunting, scarlet tanager, summer tanager, goldfinch, snowy owl. While my vote likely goes to whichever bird I’m watching at the moment, during thoughtful reflection, drake wood duck wins. How can he wear so many vivid colors without their clashing?

Who’s the best family man? Several species have fine reputations for attentive mates, helping with nest building, feeding his mate while she incubates their eggs, loyally feeding chicks. But I’d vote for bluebirds. Mostly monogamous, he keeps a watchful eye at the nest site, protecting her from predators, bringing her juicy caterpillars, helping feed the nestlings. When the babies leave the nest, he tends to the fledglings while she starts another brood.

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