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Pair of bulldogs abandoned and tied to a bush

Two bulldogs have been rescued after they were found tied to a bush.

Freshfields kennel assistant Vikki Ferguson was driving home from the charity’s rescue center on East Lane in Formby when she spotted two dogs tied to a bush. At first she thought they were being walked by a Freshfields volunteer, but then she saw they were tied up.

She said: “The dogs had clearly been well cared for and as I approached them they seemed excited to see me. I took them back to Freshfields where our vet gave them an initial assessment.

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“They are an un-neutered male and female, and it would appear that they come from the same household. The female shows signs of having had litters previously.

“At the moment, we’re settling them in and making sure that they are warm, fed, safe and loved. The dogs aren’t available to be rehomed immediately as we need to undertake some further tests and assessments on both dogs.

“We would encourage anyone who feels they may be able to offer these dogs a home to complete an application form found on our website. We don’t know how these gorgeous dogs came to be in the sad situation of being abandoned on the road. “

Deb Hughes, PR and communications officer for Freshfields, said: “We must stress that we have no spaces in our kennels at the moment, and we also have a very full waiting list. We also know that many people are struggling in this very harsh economic climate.

“We would say to pet owners: if you are feeling desperate, please contact us before taking the risk of abandoning your pets in this way. We might be able to help point you in the direction of other rescue centres, or perhaps work with you to try and keep your pet in the home until we can offer further assistance, which may include seeking a foster placement.”

Photos of the two dogs were shared on Freshfields’ Facebook page and quickly thousands of likes and hundreds of comments. One person commented: “Oh this breaks my heart. You can see these dogs are well cared for and left where they would be found. Sad times we’re living in.”

One woman also commented: “Whatever the reason those beautifully well cared dogs were left tied up at least they are now safe. I hope they are kept together if they have to be rehomed.”

People can call Freshfields on 0151 931 1604 or contact .


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