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Perth woman’s easy cleaning hack for sliding door tracks

Sliding door tracks are a definite dirt trap, and trying to clean them can be pretty annoying. But one woman’s simple hack could change all that.

Trying to clean the dirt caught in the tracks of sliding doors is pretty annoying.

It’s a household chore that needs to be done but is often ignored as it’s just so tough to get into them.

However, a cleaning expert has come up with a very simple solution that just requires a sponge and a bit of cutting.

Carolina McCauley, from Perth, shared a TikTok showing exactly how to achieve her clever hack.

In the clip, she advises her 2.6 million followers to grab a sponge wide enough to span the sliding door tracks.

She then begins to mark the grooves with a thick black pen.

“Cut the sponge on your marks,” Carolina says. “And slide the sponge along the tracks.”

She soaks the sponge in warm water and then easily slides it along the tracks.

“Sparkling clean,” she says.

The clip has attracted more than 36,000 views leaving many stunned.

“Wow! Thank you,” one woman wrote.

“I needed to see this today,” another added, while a third described it as “damn brilliant.”

“Awesome hack,” a fourth person wrote.

The mother-of-two is known for her home tips and tricks having accumulated 15.2 million ‘likes’ on her TikToks.

One of her recent and most clicked clips with almost a million views, shows followers how to fold a T-shirt in “three seconds”.

She explains to lay the shirt flat and imagine there’s a line across the centre.

She then (pretend) marks the numbers one, two and three vertically.

She holds points one and two and brings point one to point three.

Carolina then pulls the shirt up and shakes it. She lays it back down and folds it over.

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