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Pet owners love this de-shedding brush – and it’s on sale

A game-changer (Picture: Amazon/

Fed up of finding your pet’s fur all over your floor, your clothes, your things, your food?

You need a decent de-shedding brush – and according to more than 2,000 reviews, this one fits the bill.

Behold: the FURminator.

It’s a specially designed brush that works to tackle loose undercoat hair, allowing you to collect your dog’s or cat’s shedding fur before it ends up all over your home.

Its effectiveness is down to a stainless steel de-shedding edge, which goes through the topcoat to easily remove loose hairs without damaging your pet’s topcoat of fur.

The skin guard, with its curved edge, allows for easy gliding with no discomfort, and when you’re done brushing, you just press the FURejector button to release the hair right into the bin.

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All this combined means the tool removes significantly more loose hair than your average comb or brush.

And, bonus, it’s currently on sale – you can buy the tool through Amazon for £10.88 (but move fast, as the deal won’t be around forever).

The tool has different sizes depending on your pet’s fur length – so make sure to check that before you hit ‘buy’.

The brand recommends using it weekly, in combination with a daily brush. Do this, and soon enough you’ll be free from the oh-so-common pet owner experience of taking a sip of your drink to find there’s cat hair on your tongue.

The reviews for the FURminator are glowing.

furminator de-shedding brush

It’s now on sale (Picture: Amazon/

‘I wish I knew about this brush years ago,’ wrote one happy customer. ‘I have a Jack Russell whose hair drives me crazy. I hoover everyday. I don’t smooth him in the house as the amount of hair lose is mad.

‘I purchased this and combed him right away and can’t believe the amount that came off him.

‘We then had loads of cuddles and smoothing inside the house. No hair came out.

‘This morning I have come downstairs and I have only the tiniest amount of hair in the floor.

‘He is now getting so many cuddles and love and no stress from me about his hair loss. 100% recommend this product.’

Another said: ‘Bought one of these after meeting another pug owner. It is an absolute godsend.

‘I had been using a hacksaw blade (good tip for you) but the Furminator does away with piles of fur on the floor as it keeps hold of it till you want to bin it.

‘Anyone with a Pug knows what a pain they are for shedding. This does the bizz.
It’s easy to keep on top of it with this.’

Buy the FURminator for £10.88 from Amazon.

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