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Pet-sitting robot gets a thumbs up in Seoul

Seoul-based Guru IoT has launched a pet-sitter robot that takes care of companion pets. Called PEDDY, the robot is gaining popularity among Petfams, a colloquial term used to refer to people who regard pets as family members.

Powered by a smartphone installed within, PEDDY enables pet owners to take care of their pets anywhere by communicating with them in real time through an application.

“As one-person households are rapidly increasing, caring for companion pets who are often left alone at home during the day has become an issue,” said a Guru IoT spokesperson. “In order to live happily with companion pets for a long time, it is important to manage both their health and emotional aspect, such as loneliness. PEDDY is a pet-caring robot designed to help companion pets spend time alone in safety and comfort.”

PEDDY’s features include interactive video communication, which lets an owner to identify faces and voices of pets. The robot can also be programmed to conduct automatic feeding to pets at scheduled times and in exact pre-set volume. Also, the robot has a variety of entertainment functions that can mitigate loneliness of pets.

Beyond taking care of pets, the robot also serves as a security device. It can sense abnormal situations at home, such as a burglary or fire. Equipped with sensors that can measure temperature, humidity, and noise, the robot also features functions, such as sensing a rapid change in temperature or the sound of continued barking or howling by pets – these changes can trigger the robot to send an alert to the pet owners who are not at home. When any abnormal situation occurs, PEDDY can take pictures of surrounding conditions by turning 360 degrees and send them to the user.

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