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Pickles McButterpants The Muffin Slayer Wins Wacky Cat Name Contest

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Let’s face it: We give our pets fun names because we want something that will bring a smile to our faces. We also want to give them a name that in some small way, makes them special. That’s what happened when Kelli Hoover and her son Novel, were browsing in a pet store. They had just moved to Maine and were looking for supplies for their kitties who were due to arrive soon. That’s when they discovered an adorable orange tabby kitten and just knew they had to take this little guy home.

Pickles McButterpants. Photos by Roman Payan

And this was before their furniture arrived, Kelli tells me. But then, of course, there was the issue of what to name him. While it took a little bit of time, Nationwide Pet Insurance tells us Kelli hit on the perfect name.

“I had seen an ad for a cat named Pickles, and I thought it was an awesome name,” Kelli says. “So when I got a new kitten, I knew he would be Pickles, but it didn’t sound just right for him, so we added McButterpants to it.”

Over time, his proper and fitting name came together when Kelli and Roman momentarily had a sweet tooth.

“Then as we were eating muffins, he went crazy over them and wouldn’t leave us alone,” she says. “That is how he got the title of the Muffin Slayer.”

Cat name - Pickles McButterpants

⚔️🧁🥒 Pickles McButterpants the Muffin Slayer was born. 🥒🧁⚔️

A name, that as it turns out, caught the name of the fine folks at Nationwide Pet Insurance. Each year the company runs the Wacky Pet Names contest and Pickles was chosen from a database of more than 1.1 million pets. WMTV reports. Eventually, the names get whittled down to 10 cats and 10 dogs. Then the public gets to vote on the wackiest pet names.

“Our Wacky Pet Names competition is a light-hearted way to recognize the thoughtfulness and creativity of pet parents,” said Heidi Sirota, Nationwide’s chief pet officer.

Pickles faced tough competition from other kitties with names like Ruth Bader Kitsburg, Boba Pett, Salt N Dr. Pepper, and Linda From Human Resources.

name Ruther Bader Kitsberg cat

Ruther Bader Kitsber – screenshots of framed images with text added via Nationwide

Name - Boba Pett

Boba Pett

Salt N Dr Pepper, cat name

Salt N Dr Pepper

Linda from Human Resources

Linda from Human Resources

Kelli, who tells me she was “shocked” when Pickles was nominated, was even more surprised when he won. Pickles, being a typical feline, took everything in his stride.

“I think he is thrilled but thinks he’s too cool to show it,” she says.

Cats have a way of just handling things — whether it’s good or bad, they remain themselves. And that, I think is what I love best about our feline friends. It’s comforting to know that in a world full of constant change there’s a little friend waiting at home for love and cuddles no matter what.

A Distinguished Name

And one thing is definitely certain: Pickles is going to love his prizes, that’s pretty much guaranteed. He’s won a year’s worth of toys and snacks from Kitnip Box, a $100 gift card, and will be a featured story in Nationwide’s quarterly magazine. Kelli and Roman won a lovely canvas of their sweet boy. They had a choice of characters to choose from and Kelli tells me they decided on a painting of him as a Victorian general.

General Pickles McButterpants The Muffin Slayer. Definitely sounds distinguished, don’t you think?

Pickles Isn’t The Only Kitty With An Unusual Name In This Family

But perhaps what’s most fun is the fact that Pickles will get to share his loot with siblings, the eldest being Nana, who’s 17, two-year-old sisfurs Panther SugarLove Jellybean, Airial SugarToes Jellybean, and six-month-old Lucipurr. There’s also Zoey, a cute dog who’s “best friends with Pickles and Lucipurr.”


can named Nana

Nana. Photos by Roman Payan

Panther SugarLove Jellybean

Panther SugarLove Jellybean

Panther SugarLove Jellybean.

Airial SugarToes Jellybean

Airial SugarToes Jellybean

Airial SugarToes Jellybean


cat names, Lucipurr


Zoey the dog

Zoey the dog

Pickles McButterpants the Muffin Slayer and Airial SugarToes Jellybean with Zoey the dog

I asked Kelli what she loves best about her beautiful ginger boy, and for her, it’s quite simple:

“He loves people, he loves to play, and he’s a total clown,” she says.

Of course, that playfulness includes chasing laser pointers and having a tumble with his two best friends Zoey and Lucipurr. It’s all part of being a cat. It’s something those of us who consider cats our friends completely understand.

💪🧈💚 Pickles McButterpants The Muffin Slayer 💚🧈💪

Pickles McButterpants the Muffin Slayer

Pickles McButterpants the Muffin Slayer

I couldn’t help but ask Kelli what makes those of us who love cats special.

“Cat people are special because we understand that we can be loved unconditionally even when not constantly showered with affection,” she tells me. “And we know we are privileged to be loved by a cat.”

Indeed, it’s a treat to be loved by these beautiful beings, now isn’t it?

Featured picture: Image of Pickles McButterpants the Muffin Slayer by Roman Payan with images of pickles and muffin via Pixabay

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