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Pricey parakeet poached from porch, bird owners say

A bird napping is caught on camera as the video shows a thief calmly stealing a pricey parakeet. Now the family is desperate to get their bird back.

In the surveillance video, a man is smoking a cigarette and wearing a large hat. He looks to be trying to move the bird cage quietly. The owners were home – and never heard him.

“He didn’t even have a car so he had to roll the bird cage down the street,” said the bird’s owner, Melanie Klements. “I just felt bad for the bird. It’s a baby bird.”

This all happened Thursday night at a home on Lauressa Lane in Orlando. Klements and Patti Singleton said they woke up the next morning to find the bird cage gone. The couple said after reviewing the surveillance video, they learned the suspect came back to the porch three separate times throughout the night to steal things, including their young bird named Bonnie.

While Orlando police officers are investigating, the pair are doing their own digging to find her.

“We started looking at Facebook marketplace, Craiglist,” said Singleton. “It’s just a matter of putting feelers out there as best you can.”

Singleton said these birds are worth about $800. Anyone with information about the burglary is asked to call Orlando Police.


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