Prince Andrew throws a shooting party after being stripped of his titles by the Queen

Prince Andrew threw a shooting party at his mansion hours after the Queen stripped him of his titles.

Prince Andrew has thrown a shooting party at his mansion, as his friends claim he is confused at being stripped of his titles by the Queen.

Sources say their dire situation has now been realized, with one telling The Sun: “The penny has finally dropped.”

The Sun reported that despite their distress, around a dozen family friends were welcomed to their 31-bedroom Royal Lodge home on Friday night before heading to a photo shoot in Windsor Great Park.

It is believed to have been a Christmas present from the Queen to Princess Eugenie, 31, and her husband Jack, 35, who invited family friends.

Andrew, 61, and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, 62, did not go to the shoot itself, but instead drove their Range Rover to join the shooting party for lunch at the York Club, a social spot, two miles from distance.

A source said: “It seems quite cheeky of Andrew to throw a party and let his family go shooting with all the controversy.”

comes as sun on sunday may reveal that two new mysterious witnesses, who have never spoken before, are being pursued by Virginia Giuffre’s lawyers in her sex case against him.

Supposedly they can place Andrew and Virginia at Epstein’s homes in Manhattan and the Caribbean.

Meanwhile, Andrew’s attorneys want statements signed by Virginia’s psychiatrist and husband as they dispute his claim that she suffered emotional distress and request that the case be dismissed because he does not live in the US.

They also want to question his psychiatrist about claims that he “may suffer from false memories.”

But so far no team has submitted requests to question Fergie or Andrew’s two daughters, Princesses Beatrice, 33, and Eugenie, about their alibi, or about any of the duke’s bodyguards.

Sources close to Andrew claim he “feels like his guts have been ripped out” after the Queen stripped him of titles, patronages and use of Her Royal Highness status on Thursday after pressure was put on her by Charles and William.

A close friend of the duke said: “He is in crisis. Until now, on the advice of his lawyers, he did not think he would get this far.

“But now he has finally realized how bad the situation is and feels that he has let the Queen down.

“He desperately wants to make amends, although he accepts that it will take a long time. He relies on the love and support of his family to get him through this.”

Yesterday’s shooting is believed to have been arranged by Eugenie.

About a dozen of his friends dined at the mansion on Friday night.

Andrew was photographed yesterday at lunchtime leaving the Royal Lodge in his Range Rover alongside his loyal ex-wife Fergie.

There are calls for Andrew, who has now been made a private citizen by the Queen, to lose the £30 million (A$56 million) mansion he shares with Fergie, along with its 24-hour taxpayer-funded security.

The affected duke has been holed up inside his home with his £2,000-an-hour solicitors since the Queen summoned him to Windsor Castle on Thursday.

This weekend, lawyers on both sides of the Atlantic issued legal requests to compel witnesses outside the US to testify.

They want to talk to Shukri Walker after she described him Sun in August 2020 seeing Prince Andrew at London’s Tramps nightclub in 2001.

‘key testimony’

That’s when Virginia says she was out partying with the duke before being sexually assaulted by him at Ghislaine Maxwell’s Mayfair home.

The names of legal documents Sun Article.

Shukri said Sun she wanted to talk about what she saw after Andrew denied knowing his accuser during his Newsnight interview in 2019.

She claimed: “I can remember exactly where they were sitting.

“He looked like he was having a lot of fun. He was with this young woman. But she wasn’t smiling. It was the opposite of smiles.”

sun on sunday it may also reveal two new witnesses that could place Andrew and Virginia together in New York and the Caribbean.

One is said to be a woman “in the orbit of Jeffrey Epstein” who saw Andrew and Virginia at the billionaire pedophile’s New York mansion.

The other allegedly saw the royals and Giuffre together in New York and the Caribbean.

said a source sun on sunday:: “These are two witnesses that have emerged since Virginia filed her lawsuit against Andrew last summer.

“Virginia attorneys know how key their testimony could be.”

Virginia attorney David Boies said last month that he had up to six witnesses who could present evidence to place her with Andrew.

Legal documents released in the United States show the Duke team wants to question Virginia’s husband, Robert Giuffre, and psychiatrist Dr. Judith Lightfoot under oath.

Sources close to the Duke legal case say they have a right to prove their claims, determine their damages and examine what they told their therapist, because they have jeopardized their mental health by suing for damages for emotional distress.

They also want to use the statements to explore her claim to have “been under threat of death or bodily harm from Epstein and Maxwell” when she was sex-trafficked.

They are looking for medical records and want to question the psychiatrist on the subject of a “false memory theory” in relation to Virginia’s account.

Prince Andrew has vowed to clear his name and sources close to the duke say he is prepared to give an affidavit via video link next month.

A trial has been ordered between September and December this year.

This story was originally published by The Sun and has been reproduced with permission.

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