Prince Andrew’s accuser Virginia Roberts vows to ‘destroy’ him and leave him ‘broken’ in £10m sexual abuse court battle

PRINCE Andrew’s rape accuser has vowed to “destroy” him and leave him broke, a source has claimed.

The Duke of York, who has now lost his royal and military titles, is fighting a sexual abuse case brought by Virginia Roberts Giuffre after a New York judge ruled he would go ahead.


Virginia Roberts Giuffre has vowed to ‘destroy’ Prince AndrewCredit: Pennsylvania
The Duke is facing a lawsuit brought by Virginia Roberts Giuffre


The Duke is facing a lawsuit brought by Virginia Roberts Giuffre
Prince Andrew claims his rape accuser


Prince Andrew claims his rape accuser ‘may suffer from false memories’

She alleges that she was forced to have sex with Andrew three times when she was 17; affirms that the 61-year-old woman has always flatly denied it.

Now, a source close to Virginia’s legal team has claimed that she is determined to “ruin” him because of his “arrogant” behavior.

They told The Mail on Sunday: “No one can believe how bad Andrew and his legal team have gotten themselves. His arrogance is what has destroyed him.

“Virginia firmly believes that Andrew should go to jail for what he has done, but in the end leaving him broke and broken may be enough. It’s already destroyed.

“Now it’s a question of how much money he offers [in a settlement] and how ruined we left it.”

Yesterday it was revealed that Andrew’s team will claim that she recruited girls for pedophile Jeffrey Epstein and “suffers from false memories”, New York court documents show.

Andrew alleges that Ms. Giuffre’s claims are “an effort to deflect from her own involvement in Epstein’s sex trafficking scheme, including by recruiting young women (including at least one 14-year-old girl) to become in sexual partners of Epstein”.

And her lawyers want to question Ms. Giuffre’s husband and psychologist as witnesses as part of her defense.

They requested to speak to Dr. Judith Lightfoot about Ms. Giuffre’s claims that she suffered “severe emotional distress and psychological harm” as a result of her alleged ordeal.


Court documents show her lawyers also want to examine Dr. Lightfoot’s medical notes from her sessions with Ms. Giuffre, now 38.

His legal team claims that Andrew “maintains that (Ms. Giuffre) may suffer from false memories, as evidenced by the fact that his claims about his time with Epstein and the circumstances in which (Andrew) allegedly assaulted her have repeatedly changed.” over the years.” .

The Duke’s lawyers also want to question her husband, Robert Giuffre, under oath about his “alleged childhood trauma and abuse” and any communication they have had about this civil case she has brought against him.

It comes after the Queen made the decision to strip Andrew of his HRH title on Wednesday after a meeting with Charles and the Duke of Cambridge.

The explosive decision came after New York judge Lewis Kaplan ruled that Andrew must face a civil trial over allegations that he sexually abused Ms. Giuffre.

Andrew will now have to face his trial as an “ordinary citizen”.

Her Majesty’s third son is also banned from using ‘Your Royal Highness’ in any official capacity, and his military titles were revoked in the sensational decision.

Prince William was reportedly a key figure in the trial to remove Andrew’s titles, helping his grandmother realize her position was “serious”.

Both he and Charles were said to be in complete agreement that Andrew should go, and were “completely furious” after he “crossed a red line”, The Sun exclusively reported.


The US court’s decision means that Andrew is expected to give an affidavit as a witness responding to Ms Giuffre’s claims.

You will also be asked to provide a potentially harmful disclosure.

Affidavits from ex-wife Sarah Ferguson and daughters Beatrice and Eugenie are one possibility.

A full civil trial with a jury could see Andrew questioned about his sex life, ties to Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell, and asked exactly what he did to his accuser.

Andrew and his lawyers had prepared two statements ready to be sent after the decision but, in another sign that a settlement offer may be imminent, neither was immediately filed.

His lawyers have previously said a financial offer was not discussed, but have accepted that more than 95 percent of civil lawsuits in the US are settled out of court.

And it is believed that he will pay £10 million for the sale of his Swiss chalet in an out-of-court settlement.

The Duke of York is understood to be prepared to do “whatever it takes” to prevent his sexual abuse case from overshadowing the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.

Prince Charles refuses to answer questions about Andrew during his visit to Aberdeenshire

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