Prince Charles planned the downfall of Prince Andrew at Christmas

Royal experts say Charles’s power play shows how he needs to “flex his muscles” to help the queen now that her husband Philip is no longer by her side.

Prince Charles planned Andrew’s court before getting the full backing of his son William, Sun can reveal.

The queen was then told by the two heirs that her “favourite son” had to go due to the damage caused by the sexual abuse allegations.

The Prince of Wales sharpened the knife over Christmas and decided his brother had “gone astray” and should be stripped of all military titles, patronages and his status as His Royal Highness to protect the Royal Family.

He sought advice from William, who was spending the Christmas season with his wife and children at their Anmer Hall home in Norfolk.

Charles, 73, and Wills, 39, have told the Queen they have agreed Andrew should go after his sexual abuse hearing in New York earlier this month, the sources said. Sun.

The Queen, 95, replied that she was “of the same opinion”, although sources say it was with a “heavy heart”.

Royal experts say Charles’s power play shows how he needs to “flex his muscles” to help the queen now that her husband Philip is no longer by her side.

Once Andrew’s fate was decided, his siblings, Princess Anne and Prince Edward, visited him at his 30-bedroom mansion, Royal Lodge, last weekend, where he is believed to have been warned of what was to come. come.

Armed with the support of her successors, the queen reluctantly cut Andrew’s royal privileges at lunchtime Thursday, just 24 hours after Judge Lewis Kaplan ordered him to face a civil trial in New York.

A source told T.Sun:: “The collective opinion was that Andrew was harming the whole family”.

Andrew, 61, was left without any family support, that is.

Another source revealed: “Charles first decided that Andrew had to go.

“He felt that he had lost his way. So he discussed it with William in the days between Christmas and New Years and his son totally agreed with him. William and Charles later reported to the Queen that they were of the same opinion.

Ultimately, it was the Queen’s final decision, but she told them that she shared their point of view.

The Queen and Andrew had final talks on the matter on Thursday.”

A third source said: “William thought it needed to be worked out. His views were similar to Charles’s in that it needed to be resolved.

“I didn’t think the Duke of York was handling it right.”

Charles spent Christmas Day and Boxing Day at Windsor Castle with the Queen and up to 20 family members, including Andrew, where his case was “widely discussed”.

Days later, he spoke to William, who was vacationing 150 miles away in Norfolk.

Andrew was holed up in the Royal Lodge between Christmas and New Years preparing for a hearing where he was trying to get the case dismissed on a technicality.

He was left alone when ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, and their two daughters Beatrice and Eugenie and their husbands Edo and Jack, flew to Switzerland to ski.

They stayed in Andy and Fergie’s Verbier chalet, which they are selling to recover at least £10m to fund a possible settlement with accuser Virginia Giuffre.

Judge Kaplan paid little attention to Andy’s attorney at the hour-long case hearing on Jan. 4, and the decision, announced Wednesday, to go ahead with a sexual assault trial was inevitable.

Last weekend, Anne and Edward visited Andrew at the Royal Lodge in Windsor. It is believed that they were with the disgraced duke to tell him of the family plans. A royal source told The Sun: “Edward and Anne made the trip to the Royal Lodge and told Andrew it was all over.

“At some point he has to stop because he was using a lot of money from the Royal Family. So it was inevitable when the judge ordered a trial on Wednesday.”

It meant that Andrew, who looked pale when he was taken to Windsor Castle with his solicitor Gary Bloxsome at 11:30am on Wednesday, learned of his fate before being told face-to-face by the Queen that she was out.

another source said Sun: “It was a public relations decision and a financial decision. In the end, it all comes down to money.

He is now a private citizen. They can say: ‘We have nothing to do with him. We fired him.’

“They are trying to limit those zeros in the deal.

He has entered saying that he will fight until the end and they have told him: ‘Yes, but not as one of us’. The only way is to settle.”

Andrew could lose his taxpayer-funded security.

Questions are also being asked about how he can continue to pay for the security of his daughters Beatrice and Eugenie.

There are questions about his right to live at Royal Lodge where he obtained a 75-year lease for a one-time payment of £1m. Buckingham Palace declined to comment.

This story originally appeared in The Sun and is reproduced here with permission.

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