Prince Harry’s ‘TREBLED Appraisal’ of the Start-Up Company Even though ‘Nobody Knows What He’s Doing’ | Royal | News

The 37-year-old Duke of Sussex stepped away from royal duties last year to lead an economically independent life in the United States. Harry, along with his wife Meghan, moved to Montecito where they live with their two children: Archie, two years old, and Lilibet, six months old.

As the couple are no longer “working royalty,” Harry and Meghan are free to generate their own income.

After leaving the firm, the Duke and Duchess signed multi-million dollar contracts with streaming giants Netflix and Spotify.

In addition to these projects undertaken through the business divisions of their Archewell Foundation, the couple became “impact partners” and investors in the sustainable investment firm Ethic.

BetterUp, a mental health startup that started in 2013, also hired Prince Harry earlier this year.

The San Francisco-based startup offers professional and personal training through its mobile app.

The Duke of Sussex was hired to be the company’s “impact director” in March.

In a recent interview, he spoke more about his work.

Harry also spoke about how people who quit their jobs to focus on their mental health were exacerbated by the pandemic, but also a prominent problem in previous years.

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Mr. Sacerdoti, who is a regular contributor to The Spectator, added: “I think a lot of people will find it easy to quit their job and get a new, better paid one where no one really knows what they are doing if they too could secure the job. The new company they work for could triple their valuation thanks to the publicity they would bring, as BetterUp appears to have when they hired Harry. “

Jonathan claimed that “no one really knows what the Duke does” for the company, but an insight into Harry’s job role was recently provided in an interview with the American business magazine Fast Company.

However, no specific mentions were made about what the Prince explicitly does on a day-to-day basis.

In a foreword, the magazine explains that Harry’s role encompasses “product strategy, philanthropy and public advocacy related to mental health.”

BetterUp Co-Founder and CEO Alexi Robichaux added: “Part of your role is to use your voice, experience and background for advocacy and leadership around mental health.”

The Duke also explains that, since March, he has been “building the mission and social impact of BetterUp, influencing the vision of the platform, the community and the experience of BetterUp members, [and] expanding the global community of BetterUp thought leadership, coaches, clients and members through outreach and strategic planning. “

In the eight months after the group’s hiring of Harry, BetterUp raised $ 300 million from investors, tripling its valuation to $ 4.7 billion (£ 3.5 billion).

The Sunday Times reported in October that the company obtained funding from Iconiq Capital, an investment fund that has managed money from Mark Zuckerberg, Wellington Management and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

BetterUp’s cash injection will help the company expand on a global scale.

Business grew particularly during the Covid shutdown, as work-from-home pressures encouraged companies to start using the app.

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