Race result | Jan 30, 2022 | shatin | Race 1 TATHONG CHANNEL HANDICAP | HK races - petsitterbank

Race result | Jan 30, 2022 | shatin | Race 1 TATHONG CHANNEL HANDICAP | HK races

Racing Incident Report

HERO STAR was crowded jumping between CELESTIAL WARRIOR and SMART WONGCHOY who staggered.

TUNG HAYE HAYE started awkwardly then lost ground as he piled up for space between CELESTIAL WARRIOR and KOKUSHI MUSOU who moved on.

BUDDY SPIRIT started awkwardly, swerved and ran into EASY LIFE who lost ground when he piled up for room inside BRILLIANT WAY’s heels.

From the outer barrier, FANTASY was moved behind the riders in the early stages.

Near 1150 meters, CELESTIAL WARRIOR got away from the heels of KOKUSHI MUSOU who first put his head to the side and lay down away from MIRACLE VICTORY, then ran tight inside this horse.

Passing the 1150 meters, BRILLIANT WAY raised his head and moved briskly when stabilized for cover.

Passing the 1000 meters, MIRACLE VICTORY raised his head when he was placed awkwardly outside the heels of KOKUSHI MUSOU when he was stabilized to take cover behind this horse.

Near the 950 yards, KING OF THE COURT ran tight inside VOYAGE BUBBLE which was then shifted to relieve KING OF THE COURT’s tightness.

When VOYAGE BUBBLE was staggered, CIRCUIT ELITE, which followed, was stabilized away from the heels of this horse.

After that, CIRCUIT ELITE traveled wide and without cover.

Approaching 950 meters, EASY LIFE was hampered by the crowd inside SUPER HIGHWAY who had their heads to the side and lay down on a green run.

After that, EASY LIFE, which took its first race start today, picked up the slack by placing itself awkwardly behind BRILLIANT WAY and continued to run briskly.

Passing the 900 meters, BRILLIANT WAY took the lead running close to the heels of KING OF THE COURT.

Passing the 800 yards, CELESTIAL WARRIOR was momentarily crowded for room inside BRILLIANT WAY which was running tight inside CIRCUIT ELITE.

TUNG HAYE HAYE, who was following CELESTIAL WARRIOR, was inconvenienced.

Entering the straight, KOKUSHI MUSOU and HERO STAR ran tight as HERO STAR tried to improve in a close race between this horse and SMART WONGCHOY.

KOKUSHI MUSOU was then crowded to find space near the 350 yards between MIRACLE VICTORY who moved slightly and HERO STAR who continued to try to improve on the outside of SMART WONGCHOY who moved.

This allowed KOKUSHI MUSOU to be stabilized when approaching 300 meters and HERO STAR to be directed inside SMART WONGCHOY after being disappointed to run outside of this horse.

After the 400 meters, BRILLIANT WAY fell into the wake of VOYAGE BUBBLE.

BRILLIANT WAY was then staggered after 350m from the heels of VOYAGE BUBBLE who took the lead to the side and pulled away from KING OF THE COURT.

SUPER HIGHWAY was under pressure on the straight.

BRILLIANT WAY, MIRACLE VICTORY and VOYAGE BUBBLE were sent out for sampling.

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