Richmond Tigers 7.10 (52) draw with Fremantle Dockers 7.10 (52), scores, fixtures, teams, ladder, odds, tickets, players, Dustin Martin, Nat Fyfe - petsitterbank

Richmond Tigers 7.10 (52) draw with Fremantle Dockers 7.10 (52), scores, fixtures, teams, ladder, odds, tickets, players, Dustin Martin, Nat Fyfe

Tigers coach Damien Hardwick spoke at the media post game.

Almost difficult to sum up the emotion post draw. It’s unusual. What was your message to the players just then in particular with the last 60 seconds or so?

The last 60 seconds you can look at individually, but the reality is, you know, Noah gave himself a chance to win the game. The clock expired but he put himself in the right position, and you know, like last week, learn from it. yeah. It’s a challenging one to set up. We had ample opportunities. We had two shots effectively to try and win the game. Got zero points for them. It is an unusual situation.

Damian Hardwick.Credit:AFL Pictures

Do you game and train that type of situation at training, like do the players follow what they should’ve done or it’s just unusual?

It’s unusual. That’s it. End of the day it’s .3 of a second by the time it hits his boot from him. It is what it is.

Have you spoken to Noah since the end of the match?

Yeah, we went through it. He’s disappointed like any kid would be but the fact of the matter is, it’s a part of the whole equation. There’s a number of things we didn’t do that well tonight. But we can sit there and look at the last play but we made some errors that cost us goals the other way.

Where does it sit on the scale of the last three weeks? You’ve had a lot of opportunities but haven’t converted. Where does this sit for you in terms of that?

It’s hard to say, to be honest. Sometimes, you know, funny game I would say. It was slow and boring, I would say at various stages. Yeah, it was a challenge. We’ll digest it, have a look at it and find out what it shows. Hard to sort of say at the moment.

You played Nankervis up forward more than he normally would…

We were. Same sort of thing. We missed a couple of opportunities as well but Soldo was really good early in the ruck. Thought he’d get clear hand to the ball. We probably didn’t capitalize on our first possession numbers in quarter one were nine or 10 but only three or four clearances. Toby, we needed to reply up-forward. That’s what I have provided. Soldo’s done reasonably well against Darcy before. We thought we’d give it another look.

Towards the end of the game, neither side didn’t know how to win the game or take their opportunities. Freo also had their chances. Something about pressure in those situations, does it have an effect on players out on the game.

Have you played in tight games?

Maybe at junior level.

It’s the same. The pressure builds. You have to make decisions. What people don’t realize, the game is incredibly hard. Both sides are effectively trying to work their way through 18 players in a half of the ground. It’s tough. So they’re going to make mistakes. Games like that, high pressure, high stakes, are really challenging and the players do get tested but often they respond in the right way.

What was wrong with Ben Miller?

He tightened up in his calf and was cramping significantly towards the end. He might be OK. I’m not too sure.

Dylan Grimes? He seemed to be hobbling a bit in the last quarter?

I think he was fine from our point of view, I think he’s OK. We’ll get a better understanding probably tomorrow.

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