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Ridiculous And Delightful Cat Furniture To Buy For Your Tiny Perfect Angel

There is no shortage of things to buy your cat on the internet. The trick is finding things that are functional, fun, good-looking — and that are also completely ridiculous.

In searching the web high and low for silly things to buy my cat that she’ll actually like, I’ve found a lot of things that fit the bill. Here’s a handful of absurd and delightful pieces of cat furniture I’ve found that just might be perfect for your perfect cat. (How did I know your cat is perfect? ​​Because they’re all perfect.)

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DJ ScratchPad

Good news: your cat can now play DJ. Perhaps having a DJ cat is aspirational to you; perhaps it is peak cringe. Regardless, it is nothing if not very funny to see a DJ who’s just a little guy.

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Spaceship Wall Shelf

If you don’t want to see your cat become a professional DJ, you can encourage them to become an astronaut instead. This wall-mounted bubble will confuse and delight your cat, and simply delight you, as you watch your furry friend aloft on the wall behind glass. Art, tbh.

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Clear Wall Capsule

For the cat that may be a little wary of being fully ensconced in a bubble, we present: astro-cat on the half shell. Less confinement, lower price, same entertainment value.

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Exercise Wheel

Got a restless cat who needs a way to expend his energy? Or, conversely, got a cat who’s spending a little too much time snoozing and not enough time hunting catnip mice? This exercise wheel will either thrill or alienate your cat — you’ll have to be the judge of whether or not your cat will use it, but if they do, just think of all the innocent furniture you’ll save when your cat has a way to get their zoomies out without clawing holes in everything.

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Hidden Litter Box

There are a ton of discreet litter box options out there — ones with lids, ones that look like some kind of humane cat trap, etc. But this one takes the cake: it looks like a nice piece of furniture… but inside it is all your cat’s poop. You can put some incense sticks or candles on the surface to throw guests off the scent.

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Cat Hammock

Sling this baby over a windowsill, a radiator or the edge of your bed so that your cat can enjoy dangling at a safe height as close as you’d like them to be to birds, a source of heat, or you.

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Literal Cat Tree

This takes “cat tree” to a new level. It’s both a very compelling version of a “tree” for your cat, and a very artful and subtle way to place a large piece of cat furniture in your home. 10/10, looks just like a real tree.

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Cat Sofa Scratcher

There is nothing more delightful than cat furniture that looks like actual human furniture, but smaller. This sofa has the benefit of being made of corrugated cardboard, so that it is not only a sofa, but an enormous scratcher for your classy cat to both lounge and sharpen their claws on.

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Cat Activity Wall

Parkour for cats! A great way to introduce both your cat and your walls to a light lofted obstacle course. Just watch out for falling cats.

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Flower Cat Tree

Literally the perfect cat tree: watch your precious angel lounge on a leaf or a flower. This one comes with one, two or more flowers, depending on how many different colors of flower you think your cat will match, and also how much you want to shell out. Whatever you pick, it’s bargain for such a genuinely lovely piece of cat furniture.

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