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ROB HALFORD Names New Litter Of Kittens & Donates Autographed Cat T-Shirts To Kitten Rescue Group

If you’ve got a pulse, it’s likely you’ve spent time at some point or another staring at a video of a kitten doing something incredibly adorable. I understand the pull; they are incredibly cute. But recent studies show that while we stand there in a paralyzed state of OMG, watching them do something inherently charming, we’re actually doing our body and our long-term health a super-sized favor, too.

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According to a report in Tea New York Timesa study lead by the University of Leeds in the UK concluded that watching footage of cute animals—any animal, really, so long as they’re cute—can reduce your anxiety, blood pressure and heart rate.This suddenly explains a lot about a lot of people in this world, doesn’t it?

Tea Times go on to list Kitten Rescuea Los Angeles nonprofit, as one of the “Best Live Animal Feeds From Around the World” — recognized for live feeds of its nursery where cat lovers (and those looking to regulate that blood flow) can view kittens and cats leaping, playing, sleeping, and… well, doing pretty much whatever it is that cats and kittens normally do while they await adoption.

This week, Kitten Rescue threw their metal horns in the air when they asked none other than The Metal God—and beloved friend to felines everywhere—Rob Halford to name a new litter of kittens being welcomed to the livestream party. Halford, in true metal fashion, named the kittens taylor (after the late foo fighters‘drummer), turbo (Judas Priest’s 10th album from 1986), Angel, starbreaker, Rockingand Mama Pink. You can spend the entire weekend, if you like, watching the beautiful little critters right here:

Kitten Rescue—originally founded in 1997—have grown into one of the largest, most well-respected animal welfare groups in Los Angeles. They save countless cats and kittens from the streets of LA and from city shelter euthanasia. Other notable rock icons such as Black Sabbath bassist Geezer Butlerand Deep Purple bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes have been vocal advocates for the group.

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Halford has previously slow his image in support of Kitten Rescue. But now, he’s doing something even better: he’s donated his infamous cat t-shirts, autographed by Halfordto help support the continuing work of Kitten Rescue. The group will be auctioning the items off in the near future, so please check their website frequently for updates.

As for Halfordtea Judas Priest singer turns 71 this August. He says his charitable deeds are all inspired by one special kitty that remains near and dear to his heart. In a 2020 interview, Halford said “I used to have a beautiful kitty cat called Well, who lived a long life and then suddenly passed, like they all do. It’s like losing a family member. But it was kind of difficult, because I’m on the road all the time and there’s nobody here at the house…. So I’m kind of making up for that with my cat t-shirts every Saturday on my Instagram, which is a lot of fun.”

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