Sarah Paulson Pays Tribute To Girlfriend Holland Taylor On Her 79th Birthday

The 47-year-old star american horror story Y ratchet – among others – he is obviously completely in love with Taylor, who is herself a screen star who appeared in Two and a half Men Y All my kids.

On her Instagram account, she shared a beautiful photo of Taylor with the caption, “The love of my life. The only. The only.

“January 14 is my favorite [sic] day of the year: a day to shamelessly celebrate @hollandvtaylor I’m the luckiest of the lucky.

“I only love you. Happy birthday dear magical poet.”

Paulson paid tribute to Holland Taylor on Instagram. Credit: Instagram/@mssarahcatharinepaulson

The couple have been together since 2015, and their relationship became a topic of tabloid interest at first, as it was the first time Taylor had been in an open relationship with a woman.

In an interview with Lawyer podcast, Holland said: “The relationship with Sarah became so public because she’s a big star and I was a household name.

“It became a news event and I wasn’t going to deny it. Well, I’m a very private person, in general. It would be no matter what my life was, but it wasn’t private in the sense of hiding. I lived my life in public

“I think I was about 29 or 30 years old when I had my first relationship with a woman, but I didn’t talk about it per se.

“It would never have occurred to me to talk about my personal life in an interview anyway.”

Paulson herself has spoken out in the past about ‘cruel’ comments some have made about the age difference between the two.

Sarah Paulson.  Credit: Alamy
Sarah Paulson. Credit: Alamy

Taylor is more than three decades older than Paulson, and that has drawn a lot of negative attention.

Speaking to The Guardian in 2020, Paulson said: “I don’t remember people going crazy over Michael Douglas and Catherine-Zeta Jones, in terms of their age difference.

“For me, that seems to be the predominant interest in my relationship with the Netherlands, which some would perceive as strange or unlikely. I think people are fascinated by it, because it’s not that typical.”

“Except if you look at a lot of well-known or recognizable couples, when they’re straight couples, it just runs rampant, and I don’t see anyone obsessing over those relationships.”

Still, they’re obviously very happy together, so it’s best to let them be.


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