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Scots dog lucky to survive after asthma inhaler exploded in her mouth

A mischievous dog was lucky to survive after an inhaler exploded in her mouth.

Edinburgh-based pharmacy worker Marion Reith heard a loud bang inside her home and discovered beloved pup Leia had chewed on an inhaler.

Marion realized the potentially lethal dangers of the salbutamol the inhaler contained – resulting in a speedy trip to the Vets Now clinic in the capital.

Leia was left fighting for her life after chewing on an asthma inhaler

“Leia can be quite playful and she has a thing for chewing anything plastic she can get hold of”, Marion explained.

“Because of that, I’m really careful to keep my inhaler well away from Leia. It was in my handbag and I’d been looking for something and must have left it on the floor.

“I’d just stepped into the kitchen when I heard this bang, and I knew right away what must have happened.

“It had exploded so proudly we had to hunt for the cylinder which had shot right across the room.

Marion soon realized the potentially lethal dangers of the salbutamol before racing Leia to the vets

“Leia was just standing there looking dazed. I work in a pharmacy and had done some training last year and had learned that the inhalers were toxic to pets.

“I knew it could shut down her organs and prove fatal, so I needed help quickly. Her heart rate was racing, and it was so worrying.”

Veterinary staff admitted Leia for treatment following a thorough examination.

Tests discovered Leia was suffering from cardiotoxicity and Mario faced an anxious overnight wait on the condition of her pup.

Fiona Selby, emergency vet surgeon at Vets Now Edinburgh, said: “There was evidence of cardiotoxicity and we wanted to get her heart rate down safely.

“We put her on fluid and medication and, happily, over the next few hours the heart rate slowed, her potassium levels stabilized and Leia started to recover.

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“Inhalers can be highly dangerous and getting Leia here really quickly was vital.”

Thankfully, Marion was able to pick Leia up the following morning.

She is now on the mend following the traumatic episode.

“She was a bit off-color for a couple of days, but she was back to her old self after that”, Marion added.

“It just shows that it only takes a moment, so do keep inhalers well away from pets and don’t delay if something happens.”


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