Seven dog friendly cafes in Suffolk

6:06 PM March 27, 2022

Want a place to drop in for a coffee and a snack while you’re walking your dog?

Here are seven cafes in Suffolk that are noted for being canine-friendly:

1. Honey + Harvey

Honey + Harvey in Queen Street, Ipswich
– Credit: Charlotte Bond

Where: Queen Street, Ipswich, Thoroughfare, Woodbridge, and Riduna Park, Melton

The booming Suffolk Coffee brand Honey + Harvey are more than happy to welcome dogs to all three of their cafes, including their newly-opened Ipswich shop.

Their menu features mouth-watering sandwiches, lazy brunches, and tasty cakes.

2. The Tea Hut

Two dogs in front of the tea hut in Woodbridge

Two dogs in front of the tea hut in Woodbridge
– Credit: The Tea Hut Woodbridge

Where: River Wall, Woodbridge IP12 4BB

Based close to the River Deben, next to the Woodbridge model boating pond, the Tea Hut is an ideal place to stop in while walking your furry friend along the river wall.

Offering breakfast, lunch and snacks as well hot and cold drinks including beer and wine, the Tea Hut has a large outdoor decking area from which to watch the world go by.

They even serve sausages and doggie ice cream for canine customers.

3. Deben Cafe, HMS Vale

The Deben Cafe on the HMS Vale

The Deben Cafe on the HMS Vale
– Credit: Deben Cafe

Where: HMS Vale, Melton Boatyard, Dock Lane, Melton, Woodbridge IP12 1PE

Set on a former Swedish Navy missile attack craft, the HMS Vale has ideal views over the river to Sutton Hoo, and offers a wide range of food, and drinks.

The staff are very welcoming to canines, and the cafe even has dog treats available.

4. Cliff Top Cafe

Scott, Freja and Claire at Clifftop Cafe

Scott, Freja and Claire at Clifftop Cafe
– Credit: Clifftop Cafe

Where: Cobbold Road, Felixstowe IP11 7LR

Sitting atop the cliffs overlooking Felixstowe’s Spa Gardens, the Clifftop cafe is welcoming to humans and hounds alike and serves a collection of cakes, dog biscuits, scones and hot meals, including chips and sandwiches.

5. Aldeburgh Munchies

A canine customer with their family at Aldeburgh Munchies

A canine customer with their family at Aldeburgh Munchies
– Credit: Munchies Pictures

Where: 163 High St, Aldeburgh IP15 5AN

Established in 2002, Munchies has been offering sandwiches, pastries and cooked breakfasts on Aldeburgh high street for almost 20 years.

Their website says dogs are “hugely welcome” and that they have water bowls everywhere, while online reviews add that the cafe is well-spaced out, and conducive to calm canine behavior.

6. No.5 Angel Hill

No.5 Angel Hill, Bury St Edmunds

No.5 Angel Hill, Bury St Edmunds
– Credit: Rachel Edge

Where: 5 Angel Hill, Bury Saint Edmunds IP33 1UZ

Set in the middle of Bury St Edmunds, close to the Abbey Gardens, No.5 Angel Hill is an aviation-themed cafe that serves a wide variety of breakfasts, brunches and lunches.

Dogs are happily accepted, with one reviewer saying her Cockerpoo always gets a treat.

7. Cafe Fifty One

Sam Chef and owner at Cafe 51

Sam, chef and owner at Cafe 51
– Credit: Cafe 51

Where: 51 High St, Southwold IP18 6DJ

The epitome of shabby chic, Cafe Fifty One is located on Southwold High Street and is more than willing to accept hounds and their humans into the cafe.

Dog treats are available, and the cafe makes sure that there is always a water bowl on the floor.

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