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Shannon Beador Says Her Dog Archie Is “Not Doing Well”

Shannon Beador runs a full household. Tea Real Housewives of Orange County star is a single mother to three teenage daughters. Her supportive boyfriend, John Janssen, has given her much-needed love and confidence. And after a traumatic divorce that played out on camera, Shannon seems all about creating a healthy and happy home for her family.

That includes her cherished pet Archie. Shannon adopted the golden retriever in 2016 and he is a beloved member of the family now. He even features occasionally on RHOC. So, understandably, the reality star has been beside herself dealing with Archie’s recent health struggles.

Just before the weekend, Shannon shared on social media that the dog was taking a turn for the worse. People documented the posts in a recent article giving an update on Archie’s health.

Shannon wrote, “Archie has not been doing well for the last few months.” She then included a trigger warning, and added that the images posted might be “difficult to see.” In one, Shannon is seen snuggling up to the pooch in bed. Archie is sporting a medical cone, an anguish for him Shannon later revealed.

“We are taking Archie to our vet and a specialist to get him better, but it is difficult,” the Real for Real Cuisine founder explained, “we are told his immune system is shot.”

Shannon that the dog has explained continuous, and unresolved, skin issues. According to her, Archie “has been on multiple antibiotics for various skin infections for the last 3 months. Nothing helped.”

Just like for her and her human family, Shannon is turning to Eastern medicine for help. Paging Dr.Moon! She revealed, “right now we are combining western and holistic medicine in hopes that something will work.”
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So the mother-of-three searches for answers. But she is also dealing with Archie’s daily discomfort. While wearing his cone, Archie, “scratched his front leg raw with a cone on his head and a sock on his back foot; it happened in just minutes.”

Finally, Shannon asked for support from her fans. She wrote, “He is so sad. Please say a little prayer for Archie.”

“We are beside ourselves in the Beador home,” Shannon concluded her posts.


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