Shocking moment 4-year-old girl maimed in brutal dog attack

A four-year-old girl has suffered horrific injuries from a brutal dog attack.

Since two pit bulls mauled her, Asiye Ates has been suffering from facial paralysis ever since and will undergo surgery to repair her nerves.

The toddler, who is the daughter of a building caretaker, was attacked and seriously injured by two dogs belonging to five people at an apartment complex in Sahinbey district in Turkey’s Gaziantep province on December 22.

Asiye Ates (left), 4, was maimed in a dog attack. The photo on the right shows the moment when passers-by intervene. Source: CEN/Australscope

The footage, which was filmed by a local and shared on Twitter, where it went viral with 2.1 million views, shows one of the dogs attacking the girl while the other is held back by bystanders.

A man eventually manages to pull the limp girl away, who is seen covered in blood, as the cameraman is heard shouting, “Call an ambulance, someone should call an ambulance.”

The Gaziantep governor’s office said the girl sustained serious head and throat injuries and was taken to hospital in life-threatening condition, where she is currently receiving treatment for her injuries.

“Unfortunately she has facial paralysis. There are a few nerves going to her face. Some of these nerves have been damaged. We are planning facial nerve repair for Asiye later this week,” said Professor Ozlenen Ozkan, who helped treat the four-year-old. – old, said.

Asiye Ates pictured with a bandage around her head and cuts on her face after the dog attack.

The four-year-old is pictured with her injuries in hospital after the dog attack. Source: CEN/Australscope

Prof Ozkan said the girl’s recovery would take around a year and added: “There is not only nerve surgery but also other operations going on.

“We’re going to try to get a more natural look to the scalp.”

Following the incident, the governor’s office said the two dogs involved in the incident were handed over to the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Animal Rehabilitation Center by the Nature Conservation and National Parks Directorate.

Six people, including the security guard of the building complex and the owners of the dogs, were taken into custody. They have not been named.

“The judicial and administrative process continues and our office will follow up on the treatment and well-being of the injured child,” the governor’s office said.

It is currently unclear whether the dogs were put down.

– Australscope

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