Squirrel stuck in a Northwich bird feeder makes RSPCA’s list of most surprising rescues

A greedy squirrel trapped in a Northwich bird feeder made it onto the RSPCA’s list of best rescues in 2021.

In 2021, 71,638 incidents were reported to the charity’s frontline teams in the north of England through its emergency hotline.

Including many animals that got themselves into quite amusing situations.

Fortunately, they all had happy endings.

In the top 14, a greedy squirrel needed help after getting stuck in a bird feeder in Northwich on June 19.

Rescuer Caren Goodman-Jones was called after a resident discovered the affected creature in the neighbor’s garden.

He was stuck in the bird feeder that hung on a bird table.

Caren said, “During his fight, the feeder fell to the ground and when I got there it had rolled into some nearby bushes.

“He was obviously scared, but otherwise looked unscathed from his ordeal – but he’ll probably have to put the nuts aside for a while!

“She freed him on the spot and he got away quickly!”

The gray squirrel – which is considered an invasive alien species – cannot legally be released back into the wild if it is being taken into care for rehabilitation or treatment.

As here, they can only be legally released on site.

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