Steve Smith trapped in the hotel elevator while Marnus Labuschagne helps: Video | Cricket of the Ashes 2021

The horror show we call 2021 threw another curveball in Steve Smith’s path when he finally thought he was done with this one-year-old dog.

This year he is insisting on being a real disaster until the end.

Australian cricketers signed from 2021 at the top by beating England in the Boxing Day Test to go up 3-0 in the Ashes and retain the ballot box, but Steve Smith’s final days before greeting 2022 They haven’t quite gone according to plan.

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The Australian hitter documented his difficult Thursday night on social media, revealing that he was trapped in an elevator for an hour at the team’s Melbourne hotel.

“I’m on my floor, I’m staying on level 20 but the doors won’t open,” Smith said as part of a series of clips uploaded to his Instagram story. “Out of order up there apparently. I’m stuck here for now.

“I have tried to open the door; I have this side open, Marnus (Labuschagne) is on the other side trying to open it without much success.

“It’s not exactly the night I had planned, let’s be honest.

“Well I’m just taking a seat. What else do you do when you are stuck in an elevator? It could be here for a while. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can do? ”

Marnus Labuschagne has followed Smith like a cub since he rejoined the test side in 2019 and was helping his good mate in this time of need, feeding the former Australian captain some M & Ms through a small opening so that will spend the night. .

“Oh, what have you got? Some food for me? Smith said. “What do we have – some M & Ms? That is naughty. That’ll do. Get me in here, I need it. “

Unfortunately, Labuschagne’s efforts to get into the elevator were unsuccessful, so M & Ms was all they could offer.

After nearly an hour inside, Smith was given hope that he would only be stuck for 10 more minutes, adding: “It’s not much fun though. I’m really not enjoying it here. “

Fortunately, the cavalry came to the rescue. Labuschagne filmed Smith testing freedom when a technician managed to open the doors to light applause.

England probably expected Smith to still be stuck there for the fourth test, which begins in Sydney on January 5.


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