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‘Struggling families dumping pets at the roadside amid cost of living crisis,’ RSPCA says

A leading charity is urging people to seek help if they find themselves struggling with their pets. The appeal comes as four kittens and their mum were rescued by the RSPCA after being abandoned in Green Lane, Walsall Wood.

Two other unwanted cats were also in the charity’s care after being found in a subway, they said. A motorist said they saw a car driving away at speed before noticing several cats at the location in Green Lane following the incident on May 2.

RSPCA inspector Claire Davey attended the scene and managed to find the mother cat hiding in a hedge, but despite looking extensively until dark, her babies were nowhere to be found. Claire’s colleague, animal rescue officer Rachel Leafe, returned the following morning and found the four kittens – three males and one female – meowing in distress in the field.

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The felines -who are thought to be aged between 12 and 16 weeks – were reunited with their mum and checked over by a vet. They are now safe in care and will be rehomed by the charity in due course.

Claire said: “I was so glad that we were eventually able to find all the kittens and return them to their mum. Despite being very scared initially, they all have lovely temperaments, so I’m in no doubt they were once someone’s pets and not stray cats who have been fending for themselves.

They are now safe in RSPCA care

“Whatever situation someone finds themselves in, abandoning animals is never okay. This cat family was lucky, but there’s no guarantee that animals will be found or not become hurt or lost when they are left like this.

“We continue to strongly recommend that owners get their cats neutered at the earliest opportunity. Not only does this prevent any unwanted litters and an increase in the ever-growing cat population, but it also benefits the health and well-being of the cat. “

You can find out where to adopt the cats online

The Holding Animal Rehoming and Rescue Center in Kempsey, Worcestershire, is also caring for the two cats who were cruelly left in a pet carrier in an underpass on April 12. Danny and Ambrose, who are thought to be aged between two and five years old , have understandably been left traumatized by their ordeal, and staff and volunteers are working hard to build up the pair’s confidence and trust in humans.

Claire Wood, from the RSPCA’s Worcester and Mid Worcestershire branch, said: “Both cats were thankfully brought into our care but they’re clearly confused and bewildered by what has happened.“ Danny has already accepted some attempted head strokes and our job now is to change their perception of humans and find them new homes where they will experience love, kindness and security.”

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The RSPCA has seen a 29 per cent increase in abandonments over winter and is braced for one of the toughest summers it’s ever faced. The charity is concerned that more animals will be abandoned, especially with the ever-rising cost of living. There are also factors such as more people heading back to work following lockdown and owners struggling to cope with behavioral challenges and difficulties with pets bought throughout the pandemic.


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