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Sunrise weatherman Sam Mac’s Kmart discovery

A shocking and hilarious find at Kmart has left Sunrise’s weatherman Sam Mac contemplating his life choices.

A shocking find at Kmart has left Sunrise’s weatherman contemplating his life choices.

Sam Mac released his autobiography Accidental Weathermanabout his journey from “hilarious Adelaide boy” who knew nothing about meteorology to his current role as breakfast weatherman in April last year.

A message about it left him stunned.

In a video shared to TikTok, Sam revealed his book had been reduced to just $1 at Kmart after he was tipped off to the new price online.

“Life was good until I got the message,” Sam joked in a dramatic voice over.

“I had to get to Kmart immediately to see what they valued more than my book.”

Footage showed him wandering through the store picking up a lock and a pair of novelty glasses that were priced more than his work.

“I was rattled, but there had to be more to the story,” Sam said.

He approached staff to ask if there were trolleys out the back filled with his book but he was told there weren’t any.

Sam even ventured into the book section, which he labeled confronting, before stopping to dance to 90s hits in the aisle.

After getting back on track, he discovered a packet of Tic Tacs was $2.

“Twice the value of my book,” he joked to staff.

In the clip Sam said he’d just learned the “painful truth” that his life was worth half a pack of Tic Tacs.

He was excited to discover Curly Wurlys were only 0.75c, meaning his book was “worth more” than the chewy chocolate treat.

The book first sold for $32.99 when it was released.

Several people commented on the video.

“Buy all your books from Kmart, sign them and give them away to fans,” one person suggested.

Another said: “Tbh I don’t know who you are but I feel like buying your book now.
A third simply said: “This video is actually hilarious though.”

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