Surge in pet ownership sends “pet tech” sales soaring

There’s no surprise a pet ownership boom has seen bumper sales in pet accessories, but now there’s a new category on offer.

Dog and cat owners are scooping the bowl and snapping up everything on offer for their furry companions, but it’s technology for pets that’s seen the biggest rise.

From automatic pet feeders and cameras, to a robot that enables you to play and speak with your pet when you’re not home.

There’s no shortage of innovation in the pet tech sector.

Hamish the cat loves his new “housemate”, aka the Tech4Pets Smart Feeder. (Supplied)

Automatic pet feeders are one thing, but feeders with a live camera and two-way communication are an entirely new bowl of fish.

According to Pet Circle, sales for pet cameras have grown 150 per cent year on year from 2020 to 2021.

I recently put the Tech4Pets Smart Pet Feeder to the test and I’m happy to report it’s my new best friend.

Schedule feeds, live HD camera view at any time, day or night, record video and take screenshots, two-way communication, motion sensors – it’s the certainly one of the most high-tech pet bowls on the market.

You can schedule feeds by the portion, An estimate 10g per portion can be dispensed at the press of a button.

An automatic pet feeder has changed my life. Ok, that might be a slight exaggeration, but it sure beats getting out of bed at 5am to a demanding, hungry cat.

As much as I love being able to feed my cat at any time, you do want to let your cat know you love them (even if they offer nothing in return).

Hamish having his dinner in the dark thanks to the night vision on the Tech4Pets Smart Feeder. (Supplied)

It’s all controlled with an app on your phone, you can see a live view of the camera, dispense food at the press of a button, speak to your pet, and if you have an SD card installed you can watch back clips.

The camera has excellent night vision and could easily double as a security camera for when you’re out of the house.

The only issue I found is privacy, it’s difficult to know when someone is dialed in and watching live.

There’s no sound alert when you view the stream, and there’s no obvious light to notify.

But it’s assumed you’ll have your pet camera set away, in the laundry perhaps, to keep your pet fed.

The Tech4Pets Smart Feeder is available from Pet Stock and Laser Co. (Supplied)

This smart pet feeder is perfect for when you you’re going to be home late, or even need to go away for a night.

Tea Tech4Pets 7L Smart Pet Feeder retails for just under $300 and is available through Laser Co and select pet retailers.

Richtech's ADAM Robot Barista is a $60,000 (USD) robot capable of making four coffees a minute, or capable of being your Cocktail waiter shaking up your next drink.

The new, wacky and innovative technology on display for 2022 was supplied a review unit of the Tech4Pets Smart Feeder for the purpose of this review.

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