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Take a tour of Martin Fuchs’ luxury van with supergroom Sean Vard (Can we move in please?)

  • If you spend your weekends hurtling down country roads in a car of yesteryear filled to the brim with horse paraphernalia, while your equine pride and joy hide it behind a drafty trailer, you might want to -be looking away now.

    Because when you’re a five-star rider you definitely travel first class, as Martin Fuchs’ supergroom Sean Vard reveals in this video as he takes us on a tour of his six-man MAN luxury truck horses, with breathtaking accommodation to rival the Shangri-La.

    Starting with the exterior, Sean reveals just how much storage space has been packed into the stunning vehicle, before walking us through the other enviable features. Inside is a living space in which we would be happy to take up permanent residence.

    “It’s a very spacious truck because it only has six seats in the back. [for the horses] with a large RV area,” says Sean.

    There are three cleverly stowed beds – the traditional one above the cabin, which folds down and comes with its own private TV, then another large bed above the bathroom while the sofa also converts into a a third sleeping area.

    Technology is also in the spotlight, with several televisions, supplemented by satellite, a surround sound system and air conditioning.

    “This living room has all the extras you can imagine,” says Sean.

    “The bathroom is very spacious – more like a hotel room! It’s nice and comfortable when traveling abroad.

    Last, but not least, horses can also travel business class in the “most important area” of the truck.

    “During shows, we use it for a bit of storage,” says Sean. “This truck is rigged for six horses with plenty of storage space on top, good solid dividers – also nice for stallions – and a small water trough up front which is handy for giving water on long runs. There is good lighting, good air and good ventilation.

    Sean also demonstrates the comfortable rubber flooring for the horses to enjoy.

    “The horses travel really well in this truck,” says Sean. “And obviously we have cameras overhead to keep an eye on the horses as they move.”

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