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The Best Hidden Cat Litter Box Furniture For Picky Design People

One thing that can give us picky design people a run for our money is our even pickier cats. Our major cohabitation challenge is finding a litter box setup that’s discreet enough to go unnoticed by humans yet detectable enough for felines to conduct their business in it. After scouring the web for the best hidden litter box furniture our cats won’t refuse to use (and we won’t loathe the sight of), we settled on the below selection of clever solutions pegged to five different interior styles. Scroll on to shop the creme de la creme of kitty loos that will nestle in nicely next to a towering monstera or MCM-style sofa.

Our Short List

Iris Top Entry Litter Box ($29 was $30)


This top-rated hidden litter solution combines clean, understated lines with a 70s-esque color combo of creamy tangerine and smooth brown—all for under $30. The simple design features an amply sized top-entry point for your cat along with a grooved lid that functions as a welcome mat of sorts, collecting particles from paws and preventing unwanted litter spread. As one reviewer on attests, “what comes out of the box stays in the well-designed top.” Although it’s extremely lightweight at approximately three pounds, the lid is engineered to hold up to 20 pounds—making it a perfect perch for heavier felines. (Another reviewer notes that their typically finicky, large cat has taken to the top-entry box surprisingly well.)

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haven litter box tuft and needle

Haven Litter Box Enclosure, Tuft and Paw ($699)


For a decidedly stylish and modern piece of cat furniture, behold Tuft and Paw’s take on the hidden litter box. Crafted from plywood with an ash veneer and accented with white semi-gloss metal, this design is as aesthetics-forward as it is kitty-friendly; featuring a screened window that provides optimal airflow along with a drop-down panel that allows for easy litter refreshment. Although an investment piece, the purchase does come fully outfitted with a complimentary litter box, scoop, dustpan, and brush—not to mention, first-hand reviewer cat praise. “This box is now her #1 favorite place to do her business,” writes one Tuft and Paw reviewer. Another states that their cat has “never been happier” to answer nature’s call—the ultimate furry stamp of approval.

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skylight litter box cat person

Skylight Litter Box, Cat Person ($175)


Jason Wu’s collab with Cat Person brings us this matte-black, recyclable polypropylene and white-finished pinewood creation—which is just about as elegant as one could expect from a designer litter box. The thoughtfully designed frame features two sleek pieces for easy assembly and comes equipped with rounded corners that help to simplify the cleanup process (think no lingering litter stuck in hard-to-reach edges). But, human appeal wasn’t the sole priority with this good-looking litter box. Cat Person consulted with a Veterinary Advisor on the ventilated design, ensuring that its feline occupants receive ample airflow. (Be careful with the lid, though—it has a 25-lb. weight capacity, so keep book-stacking and chunky cat loitering to a minimum!)

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archie oscar litterbox

Munford Double Entrance Wooden Cat Litter Box Enclosure With Storage, Tan, Wayfair ($178 was $359)


We found this discreet wooden litter box—featuring multi-functional details and a subtly Scandi-modern appeal—hiding on Wayfair. The double entryway design eliminates potential traffic jams for multi-cat households, and, once inside, the two-shelf interior provides secret storage. Finally, the spacious top bench can serve as a prime perch for cat naps, bird-watching, etc. Reviewers love that the litter box is not only invisible to guests but also well-made to house their picky cats, litter scoops, liners, and bags.

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Handmade Wicker Litter Enclosure etsy

Handmade Wicker Litter Enclosure, Etsy ($192 was $240)


A handmade caned litter-box number for more traditional interiors—and felines. Crafted from seagrass harvested along Vietnam’s Red River Delta by local artists, this wicker-rattan structure features a front window/door that hinges open (for easy entry and cleaning access) plus a padded top bench (for extra-comfortable perching). The majority of Etsy reviewers gave this shop’s unique enclosure five-out-of-five stars for its cute exterior matched with its cat-approved interior.

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