The Block: Tanya and Vito could return to the show

She was perhaps the most hated woman on Australian television this year, but in a candid new interview, Tanya reveals she has no regrets.

She is one of the most controversial contestants The Block has seen, having sparked a strong backlash amid the show’s explosive cheating scandal this year.

But Tanya Guccione is nothing but positive about her stint on the show, “she has no regrets,” and is even set to return to television screens in 2022.

It all comes after he admitted to trying to leave the show several times during filming.

Speaking to in a new interview about her memorable stint on the show, Tanya, who placed third in House 3 with her husband Vito after being at the center of the drama of the production show, now says The block it was “one of the best things he’s ever done.”

Describing your surprise and delight that The blockThe last season became “all about House 3,” Tanya said. Nine executives have even hinted that there will be a place for her again in the future.

“Based on that season, I don’t think we’ll be leaving anytime soon,” Tanya said.

“We’ve had a few laughs and a few giggles with Julian Cress and some Nine executives and they are nothing but grateful. They’re like, ‘It’s because of you we had a cookie season,’ ”he added.

While Tanya admits that the “cheating scandal” she was embroiled in, which saw her take a photo of the show’s secret production schedule and deny it all season only to admit the truth in the finale, she was wrong, she said. that he felt his performance was “a bit unfair.”

Reflecting months later, however, Tanya now finds it “funny” that she and Vito have become the center of attention, criticizing the die-hard fans who criticized her.

“They made the show all about me,” he laughed.

“It’s kind of funny. It wasn’t the prettiest representation, but there were a lot of important personalities there and for some reason the camera was always in the damn 3rd House!

“At the end of the day, people continued to watch and love the drama.”

Tanya spills on a possible return

With her first foray into reality TV stardom, landing the dreaded “villain” edit, makeup artist and mom Tanya says she continues. The block It was “absolutely worth it”.

“I don’t regret it for a second,” he said.

“It was crazy and wild but honestly one of the best things I have done in my life. It pushed our capacity to the limit, I accomplished things I never thought possible, it was an incredible life experience and a learning curve, and I gained a lot from myself and a lot from television. “

Bringing her newfound knowledge of the reality TV machine with her, Tanya hopes to try again one day soon.

“I could end up on the show next year handing out paintings,” he said after his own art was selected for sale on The block store.

“There’s that ‘Oh, here we go, this girl again’ theater … (So) the purple-haired bandit might strike again!” joked.

“Drama is what makes TV so good, you idiots,” he joked about viewers who complained about his cheating.

“(The producers) allowed it to happen and I got away with it for a reason.”

Tanya took hindsight to come up with this sentiment, having previously spoken about death threats and nasty messages sent to her husband’s windows business.

At the time, she admits that it was unpleasant, but her solid network has held her steady, along with the understanding that The blockSuperfans can be intense.

The reaction has been ‘water from the back of a duck’

“We continued with the letters that were sent to Vito’s business and gave them to the police, but there is not much they can do,” Tanya said of the threatening messages she and Vito received.

“It’s really sad, but you never know the real source of things like this, which is a real shame because they really inflict a lot of pain and fear and get away with it.”

At the peak of vicious trolling, Tanya admits she was in “a dark place,” and explains that it was the comments about her and Vito’s upbringing that hit the hardest.

“When you are in the center of the storm it feels quite dark, you have the feeling that the whole nation is coming for you and all these people hate you.

“(People were saying things like) ‘Imagine if these were your parents and they’d done something like this,’” she recalled.

“Honestly, could you really raise your hand and say that you’ve never done anything wrong or anything wrong? Nobody is perfect.

“We have had private talks with our children about what really happened and they are fine. They know their mom and dad, “he added.

Tanya said she was surprised to learn how strong The block’s fanbase really is.

“There are superfans out there and I didn’t realize it. It had people flying in from Darwin just to walk down the street and say hello and take a photo and it was pretty surreal.

“They’re almost a little crazy, they feel like they have this property of the show, and if you do something wrong, it’s like you’ve done it to them.

“To be honest, I think trolls are the minority, but the minority is always the loudest. It’s probably just people who wish they had the balls to carry on. The block,” she added.

Tanya went on to reveal that several viewers demanded that they donate the proceeds from the sale of their home, marveling at how “extremely engaged” the fans had become.

Responding to calls to donate profits.

Tanya and Vito, who ranked third on the auction list and third overall, made exactly $ 400,000 and a penny.

His property had a reserve of $ 3.4 million and was sold for $ 3.8 million (and a penny).

Responding to suggestions that the couple should have donated their winnings in light of the cheating saga, Tanya was blunt.

“We were there and doing all the work, so to people who have said things like ‘we should have donated our money.’ No buddy, I ran all the way to the bank with it.

“We got a lot of criticism from a lot of people, they crucified us on television, so to be honest, we deserved it more than most.”

Tanya responds to Scotty Cam’s sleigh

Amid the cheating scandal, host Scott Cam did not hold back in offering his opinion on the situation, calling it “not Australian.”

“We love Scotty Cam, Keith and Dan,” Tanya said when asked about her comments.

“I think they were really disappointed because they had to rearrange some things … I don’t take any of that personally and I’m sure neither did he.

“He is the spokesperson for The block, so people expect him to say what he said, so all is well and fair enough. It’s a fair decision, it’s not Australian, ”Tanya agreed.

But the ‘Purple Hair Villain’ could not resist insulting her fellow contestants.

“At the same time, was it fair for them to bring in people who had done it all before?” she asked.

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