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The Kid LAROI surprises buskers with $1000 in Sydney

The Kid Laroi took some time out from his Australian tour to stroll through Sydney on the weekend – leaving two young buskers overjoyed.

The Kid Laroi has continued to rack up viral moments on his Australian tour, providing a pair of young buskers with a moment they’ll never forget over the weekend.

15-year-old rapper “Dylan Billion Dollars” was performing with his 11-year-old brother Damien at the well-known Pitt Street thoroughfare on Saturday, when the superstar suddenly appeared in the crowd.

Footage captured by a fan showed the arena-filling rapper flanked by his bodyguards and enjoying the local music, before he went to congratulate the pair.

“Hey Pitt Street, let me say, these two kids are up next – can we make some noise for them now?” he said to the crowd, which roared in approval.

Dylan later told 2GB host Ben Fordham that at first he had no idea Laroi was watching him and his brother.

“I saw some of his producers watching me… then I looked away into the crowd because I have to keep momentum up, and then I looked back and suddenly I saw The Kid Laroi,” he said.

“My brother was like ‘is that really him?’ I was like ‘who does it look like baby?’

“Having someone as big as The Kid Laroi popping up in the city… showing love… it made my day… it made my whole life, really.”

Dylan told Fordham one of the rapper’s entourage pulled out a wad of $100 notes and started counting them methodically out into the hat that the young up-and-comers had laid for tips.

“One of his bodyguards said ‘make sure no one takes the money, because there’s a lot that he put in there,” he said, revealing that the tip amounted to $1000.

Dylan, who already has more than 100,000 streams on his Spotify account, said he would be using the money “to invest in a better music set-up”, adding that he and Damien would be splitting the money evenly.

The Kid Laroi is currently enjoying a victory lap around Australia for his End Of The World arena tour, set to make landfall in Perth tonight, before dates in Adelaide, Melbourne and Brisbane.

The tour has sent Australia into a frenzy for the Stay singer, with Maccas even bringing out a special combo to mark the event.

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