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The name of the dog “offensive to Americans”, sows discord in the family

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As one social media user jokingly noted, the word in question is deemed so “offensive” in the US that it appears in the names of a sports team, company and song. .

Even though the use of the word “Yankee” in the United States is rather widespread, to put it mildly, it seems that at least some Americans consider it an offensive slur, if a certain viral post on Reddit.

As the post’s author, user “throwawaydogname0,” explained, they have multiple dogs, one of which is an American Akita named Yankee.

One day the pet owner’s sister came to visit with her American boyfriend who was apparently very upset when he learned the dog’s name – upset enough that he and his girlfriend showed up the next day at the pet owner’s door to insist on the problem.

“During this discussion he told me that this was basically a slur used against Americans and asked if I would name a dog the n-word,” the post’s author explained. “I just laughed and told him he was crazy. It’s not that bad. You can’t equate the word Yankee with something like the n-word.

While the pet owner stood firm and refused to change the dog’s name, he asked the Reddit audience to clarify if the word “Yankee” is indeed offensive.

“Yeah. That’s definitely an insult. That’s why we have the whole New York Yankees baseball team,” one of the top-upvoted replies said. “And, Yankee Candle and Yankee Doodle.”


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