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The optical illusion of a cat on a printed pillow praised online – “Feline Overlords”

Cats are our best friends and worst enemies, with their fluffy and aloof attitude seeing owners love and hate them in equal measure.

Known for their penchant for napping, cats can usually be found in the best seat in the house, be it the bed, the couch, or on your laptop.

A pet was enjoying a well-deserved rest on the couch, perched on a comfy cushion, when its owner noticed the fabric pattern was creating a bizarre optical illusion.

Dr Claire Hardaker, whose biography says she is a forensic linguist, shared a snap on Twitter on Wednesday of her stuffed pet in front of a depiction of a deer.

“Old gods rise again,” she captioned the now-viral photo, which has since racked up more than 50,000 likes, and can be seen here.

The deer’s ears and antlers lined up perfectly with the cat’s head, making it look like the feline had grown new appendages.

Many people commented on the snap, pledging allegiance to the new cat god, while sharing similar snaps of their own pets channeling deities.

Jennifer Dawson wrote: “My daughter wants this for her profile picture. I’ll have to find a pillow like this so she can recreate this with her own cat.”

LittleMo joked: “‘Cats were once worshiped as gods, they never forgot that’ Terry Pratchett.”

Funty Nutz from The Underclass thought, “If cats had antlers, they [be] insupportable. Okay. Even more unbearable.”

Deborah Schauffler wrote, “For my part, I welcome our antlered feline lords.”

SMijhailovic thought, “Looks very cool, almost regal. That said, antlers would ruin the almost perfect design of the domestic cat…unless they were weightless and perfectly retractable.”

“All hail the queen of the antlers!” @aprilataylor added.

Phil Good asked, “If a horned hare is a jackalope, is it a catalope?”

Also referencing the mythical creature, The Demon’s Phantom muses, “The ever-elusive cat-a-lope.”

The jackalope is a legendary creature with the body of a hare and antlers. His legend is an integral part of Douglas, Wyoming, which issues “jackalope hunting permits” and sells “jackalope milk.”

The town square even features a giant statue of the creature, as does the visitor center, while there is also a 13ft cutout of a jackalope near the town entrance.

The city’s official website links users to the “Jackalope Proclamation”, detailing Douglas’ long history with the myth.

The website says, “Let the rest of the world take notice. Douglas, Wyoming is the one and only true home of the fearsome, rare, mysterious, and elusive Jackalope, also known as the ‘warrior or killer rabbit’, as trademarked by the State of Wyoming in 1965 and officially designated by the State in 1985.

“Although the traveler is unlikely to have the opportunity to have an actual sighting of the rare and fierce jackalope, they will witness its strong impact on the community. The jackalope is the main feature of the seal and logo of the town, which testifies that ‘We know Jack.

“It is a prominent feature of the city’s entrance signs, the impressive Yellowstone Freeway Bridge over the North Platte River, and many other community features; and it is celebrated during National Days. Jackalope every June.” His fame at Douglas was immortalized in the 2006 film, Stagbunny.

An excerpt from the city’s proclamation, from 1985, quotes Wyoming State Governor Ed Herschler declaring Douglas to be the “official home of the jackalope”.

Newsweek has contacted Hardaker for comment.

File photo of a cat on a chair. A woman has shared an optical illusion of her cat as it relaxes on a pillow.
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