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The packed Regent Theater was told to leave halfway through the Moulin Rouge performance

Theatergoers were baffled after a New Years performance was interrupted with “no explanation” this afternoon.

Melbourne theater goers have been “baffled” after they were told to evacuate a New Year’s Eve show from the Moulin Rouge without explanation.

There were roughly 30 minutes left of the production when the Regent Theater crowd was told to leave the theater.

“It was a few songs during the second half, the evil duke was courting Satine on the Champs Elysees and when the number came to an end and the lights went out, someone took the stage,” said the journalist and the self-confessed theater addict Benedict Brook.

“Then they said that due to an unforeseen incident, or similar, there would be an interruption in the performance, so the lights were turned on.”

Brook said a staff member took the stage five minutes later and said “the show will not continue” without “giving any explanation.”

“So everyone came out puzzled and disappointed,” he said.

“All week I had been watching what had happened with the cancellation of shows on Broadway and Sydney and I was wondering if we would end up in the same boat.

“But when we all introduced ourselves and the show started, I sat down and relaxed. So naturally it is disappointing.

“They didn’t tell us what the problem was, so I can only speculate that it is a positive Covid test. But if so, it seems strange that they go on stage with a pending result. “

It was later revealed that a member of the production company’s staff had tested positive for Covid-19.

Another attendee said she was “really, really surprised that no reasons were given” for the cancellation of the show.

In a statement released Friday afternoon, a spokeswoman said the decision was made out of audience concern.

“We made the decision to discontinue this afternoon’s performance of Moulin Rouge! The musical after a positive Covid-19 test result was made known to us within the company at large, ”he said via The Age.

“We will have an update regarding future performances as soon as possible.”

Ticketmaster is contacting ticket holders for refunds.

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