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The Project co-hosts lose it over Lisa Wilkinson’s awkward joke

Lisa Wilkinson’s co-hosts on Sunday night’s edition of The Project were left stunned by a rather awkward joke made during the show.

The segment explored the topic of terrible tattoos, off the back of an interview with American singer Joel Madden about his new show Ink Masters. Joel revealed to The Project that his most terrible inking was a dragon on his leg that looks like a seahorse.

He was then asked which is the most painful place on the body to get tattooed.

“Up into the armpit sucks, the ditch of your arm sucks, the feet sucks,” he said. “But the ribs and the stomach, to me were the worst, after a couple of hours it was just terrible.”

Following the interview with Joel, the hosts then speculated about who on the panel may have a secret tattoo, before Lisa turned to the night’s guest panellist and former AFL player Barry Hall, saying “you do”.

“I’ve got one that everyone knows about… that’s on my arm,” Barry confirmed.

“But I also have one that’s top secret, only my wife knows about it. On my right butt cheek I’ve got the worst tattoo you’ve ever seen.”

Lisa joked that this was a selfish move as he would never have to see it.

“So what’s bad about it?” Lisa tried.

“The colors, it’s purple and yellow, and it’s just the shield of I don’t even know what it is and I’m thankful I don’t have to look at it,” Barry said.

Co-host and comedian Susie Youssef then gave Barry a nudge about revealing the tattoo: “Are you revealing it this evening or …”

To which Barry quickly shut the idea down with: “Negative. Negative.”

Susie responded: “Fair enough.”

However, a jolly Lisa wasn’t ready to let the idea go, instead taking things a step further by leaning over and peering down towards the desk where Barry sat while saying: “You almost could… can I reveal what’s happening under the desk tonight ?”

Barry jovially responded with: “This is getting weird, I said I am your father …”

This was an allusion to an earlier Darth Vader reference.

An embarrassed looking Hamish, with arms crossed around his body, then apologized for Lisa through laughter: “I’m so sorry about my colleague.”

That’s when Hamish cut away to read a promotional line, but Lisa couldn’t resist leaning over for another look towards Barry and saying: “Gee I wish everyone could see …” before the segment ended.


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