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Things Only Adults Notice In The Bad Guys

There’s something inherently “adult” about “The Bad Guys.” That’s because one of its main sources of inspiration is the filmography of Quentin Tarantino – movies that are most definitely not for kids. Aaron Blabey, the author of the comics that inspired the movie, told The AU Review, “My original pitch for this was ‘Tarantino for kids.'” With this in mind, the filmmakers tried to capture the feel of movies like “Pulp Fiction.” or “Reservoir Dogs” — y’know, without all the violence and mayhem. Along the way, they included a few nodes to Tarantino.

Right from the opening shot, adults will immediately get Tarantino vibes. “The Bad Guys” begins with Wolf (Sam Rockwell) and Snake (Marc Maron) sitting in a diner, making idle chatter. Without missing a beat, the pair stand up, pay their bill, and rob a bank. This was meant to be a direct reference to the opening scene of “Pulp Fiction,” which also involves two characters chatting in a diner right before they commit a crime (via ScreenRant).

According to The Things Animated, the names of the Bad Guys (Mr. Wolf, Mr. Snake, etc.) could be a tip-of-the-hat to the heist team from “Reservoir Dogs,” whose members have code names like “Mr. White” and “Mr. Pink.” Viewers will notice that “The Bad Guys” deliberately skips over some key action scenes (including a bank robbery and a prison escape) for comic effect. This is likely a technique they borrowed from Tarantino, who made a point never to show the heist on-screen in “Reservoir Dogs” (per Collider).

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