This bird doesn't need to fly south. It can handle the region's winters. | Lehigh Valley Nature Watch - petsitterbank

This bird doesn’t need to fly south. It can handle the region’s winters. | Lehigh Valley Nature Watch

When the sun came out on a brutally cold morning before the last of the snow had fallen, everything outside shone. The trees looked like they were covered in white lights and the open fields glittered as the sun’s rays reached them.

But this beautiful scene didn’t last long and soon everything outside just looked cold again. The sight of bare branches and a frozen pond made me shudder almost as much as the thought of ice fishermen catching cold musk fish, bass and the like.

Steam rose from a heated bird bath in the courtyard and soon some members of what David dubbed “the blue horde” were drinking. Every morning we put peanuts on the deck and around 7:30 blue jays fly in from the fields and forests, they grab a peanut, and then they either fly away or stop to drink.

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