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This week’s ‘Flying Horse’ theme: Best jobs | Flying Horse

Not sure: I still don’t know which job I’m going to have. I hope I know what the best job is going to be.

To nun, helping brother: My favorite job when I’m at home is teaching my brother how to write words and write the numbers. The best job in the world that I like is helping others. The job that I want to be when I grow up is a nun.

Conductor: The best job is a conductor. I like driving trains. It is fun driving trains. I want to help people go where they want help to go.

Microbiologist: I think the best job is a microbiologist. Being able to see living organisms would be so cool. Out of all the jobs in the whole universe a microbiologist would be the best.

Art teacher: When I grow up I want to be an art teacher. I have been drawing since I was a baby. I love art! I want other people to love art as much as I do!

Roller rink: It would be at the roller rink! It will be the most outstanding job for me since I admire roller skating! Where I can skate my heart out and I could even skate off hours when I’m cleaning. I would love this magnificent job and do anything to work there!

Athlete: Dear reader, my name is Grant. My favorite job is an athlete. I like that job because I love sports. It’s also healthy for you. Find your favorite job!

police officer: I want to be a police officer. I can help people stay safe and I can tell them to do better next time. It will be good being a police officer.

No to jobs, be a kid: I do not want to have a job when I am older. I do not want to grow up. Being a kid is fun, and I don’t want to leave my mom and dad.

Second-grade teacher: The best job to have is a teacher. They can teach second grade. I loved all of my second-grade teachers. They all made me smarter.

Fast food: The best job is at McDonald’s. They give people food. The best job is at KFC. They are nice and give people food. I like being a YouTuber. They play games. The best job is being a maid. I like to do work.

Nurses: A hospital is a place where people get surgery. The best jobs there are nurses.

paleontologist: dig, dig. Brush, brush. The best job for me might be a paleontologist. I love dinosaurs and science. It would also be a blast to find and discover a dinosaur. Maybe one of them that I’ll find will be named Jacksonasuarus. I might even become famous. Becoming a paleontologist is my dream job!

Zookeeper: I think the best job is being a zookeeper, and I think it because you get to have fun with endangered species. It’s like you have a big or small pet. You can change the earth.

Singer: My best job would be a singer because they have beautiful voices and you can sing in a microphone. I love singing and you can sing in front of people. Sometimes I am too shy to sing to people but I take a deep breath, I’m brave and I sing.

Doctors: There are a lot of good jobs but I feel like doctors and nurses and veterinarians. They help people and dogs. But restaurants make food for people who need the food.

Fireman: My best job is being a fireman. I’d like to be a fireman because I like to help people. I like to be in the action.

Disney character: I think the best job would be working as a character at Disney! You would get to see people of all ages smile. It would be amazing to meet kids and make them so happy! You also get to take pictures with people. It would be great fun!

Cartoonist: So, I guess that the best job for me would be an anime character creator, or a cartoonist. Both of those include drawing, and I’m a great drawer, or at least that’s what my friends say. I really love drawing too, so those would be great jobs for me and they sound fun too.

Build cars: I want to build a car when I grow up because I love cars.

Take care of animals: The best job is a veterinarian because you can take care of the cute animals and get to help them feel better.

Builder: The job I would like to have is being a builder. I want to make houses for the homeless. I would let them have it for free. By being a builder I can make the world happier than it’s ever been in the history of life.

Police: Police officers have the best jobs ever. They get to ride in police cars and catch the bad guys. They keep us all safe.

Hairstylist: The best job to have is a hairstylist. They make people’s hair pretty. I would love to be a hairstylist when I get older.

Lots of best jobs: I think the best jobs are being a scientist, YouTuber, and an artist. I think the best jobs are a teacher, doctor and a manager in a store. A scientist is cool because you do fun experiments. A YouTuber is cool because you play fun games with other people. An artist is cool because you color fun pictures. I love jobs.

Laundry: My favorite job is to clean the clothes. I love to be helpful and to press buttons. When I bring down the baskets a bunch of clothes falls out. I am so short; I have to jump up to reach. Sometimes my mom has to help me.

Flight attendant: The dream job for me would be a flight attendant. Flight attendants love to travel, are people-oriented, and are quick on their feet. I’m all three of those things. Flight attendants must be ready for any emergency that may arise. Flight attendants get travel benefits covering accommodation, cruises and car rentals. I’m crossing my fingers that my dream job will come true!

Helping: My best job is helping. I like helping. I help my mom, my dad, my friends, my dog ​​and my sister.

Actor: I want to be an actor. I want to be the next Spider-Man. If I was I would make a lot of money. I would like to be the next Spider-Man and I would wear a cool suit and wear a cool mask.

Video game tester: I think the best job is either a doctor because you get a good salary or a video game tester because who wouldn’t want video games every day? I would.

Crocodile rescuer: My favorite job is a crocodile rescuer. A crocodile is my favorite animal. I want to be like Steve Irwin.

Doctor like parents: Why I chose a doctor is because my mom is a doctor and she saves people from dying. Even if they are poor she saves them and they will check how that person can pay, but money doesn’t really matter, it’s about saving people

Business owner: The job I want when I grow up is being a business owner or an actress. I may want to be a business owner because then I can get money myself and not from other people. I may want to be an actress because then I can sing, dance and use my acting skills.

Artist: I want to be an artist. Art makes me happy! Art makes me feel magical.

Science: I think the best job is science. Science is awesome. It’s so cool. You can basically do anything. It’s amazing. It’s so, so cool. Do you like it?

Chief: I would love to be a chef. I would make any type of food. Chefs are cool. I would love to be a chef!

Aquariumworker: I think the best job is to work as an aquarium worker. You can clean the tanks, feed the fish, work at a food stall, and much more. If I can’t get that job I will be a Youtuber.

Teacher like mom and grandma: I would love to be a teacher! I’m inspired by Mom because she is a teacher at Tri-Valley. I’m also inspired by my grammy because she used to be a teacher, but now she’s retired. I bet it was fun!

Basketball: My best job is to play basketball. Basketball is fun. I play it with my dad. I play with my uncle and sister. One day I will move to LA I will be on the hall of fame of female basketball. My dream is to be on Kobe or LeBron level. Thank you for reading.

Teacher: The best job would be to be a teacher. I like teachers because they are nice and fun.


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