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TikTok fully believes that Ariana Grande fell in love with Jimmy Fallon

In what sounds like the result of spinning the wheel of celebrity dating rumors, the internet is convinced Ariana Grande connected with Jimmy Fallon while she was dating Pete davidson in 2018.

The theory comes from a TikToker celebrity gossip named Jane, who says that an anonymous source who claims to have worked in public relations for a ~ famous show ~ in Los Angeles in 2018 has tea.

Supposedly, the host of this famous show used to invite a top-notch singer as a guest on the show and apparently the couple were secretly kissing backstage. The source claims that they weren’t sure if the singer was in an open relationship or cheating, but that the couple allegedly hooked up multiple times while on the show.

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Not sure about this one ???? But usually the crazier they save, the more likely it’s true – see what they think! #history #history #tea #celeb

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The people featured in the comments fully believe that the story is about Ariana Grande and Jimmy Fallon.

In 2018, Ari was frequently featured on Tonight’s show starring Jimmy Fallon, And I was watching Pete, a comedian from Saturday night live! At the time.

“Ariana Grande cheated on Pete Davidson with Jimmy Fallon,” one fan claimed on Twitter.

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These are some of the other reactions on Twitter.

A couple of things to keep in mind here. First of all, there is nothing to say specifically that these two were connected, but there are many little things between them that correlate with the claims made by the anonymous source in their story.

Second, if this story is indeed true and it’s about them, it’s worth noting that Jimmy would be just as, if not more, responsible for this alleged affair than Ariana. He is a married man with children and allegedly used his position of power on the show to cheat. I just want to say that before someone starts a witch hunt against the only woman in this story.

Last month, Ariana went on the show in person for the first time in years with her. The Voice of the USA co-judges Kelly clarkson, John legend, Y Blake shelton.

Some fans have drawn attention to the way the pair interact on the show. Ariana walks in for a hug and Jimmy awkwardly avoids him (which is weird on its own). He then excitedly hugs Kelly when she takes the stage soon after, to which Ari gives him a little pouting, honestly fair, even regardless of the TikTok theory.

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Representatives for Ariana Grande, Jimmy Fallon and Pete Davidson have not publicly commented on this story. It’s hard to say how Pete feels about the claims circulating online right now, but he may not care now that he’s dating. Kim kardashian.

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