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Tripod Cat Carries Newborn Kittens to Her Owner In Adorable Video

A sweet tripod mother cat brings her kittens to her owner to help take care of in an amazingly adorable new video.

In a video posted to the popular r/aww subreddit by u/vladgrinch titled “When your cat trusts you so much that she brings her newborns to you for shelter and protection,” a brief video shows the beautiful silver tabby mother hop up onto a bed with one of her kittens in her mouth. Though she’s missing her rear right leg, she has little problem getting around.

From there, she puts the kitten with its siblings in a soft blanket fort built for her by her owner. Happy with all her kittens together, she then throws herself down and begins to nurse.

As of this writing, the video has been upvoted over 108,000 times and received over 1,300 comments.

A new viral video shows an adorable tripod kitty bringing her kittens to her owner. This is a stock photo of another nursing kitty, somewhat similar to the one in the video, albeit with all four legs.

Sometimes newborn kittens need help from humans to survive—however, if the mother cat is still in the picture, like the good mom in the video, that’s best. If the mother cat is there, the best thing to do is just be there for her if she needs anything, according to home and garden site The Spruce.

The site recommends letting her and her babies nest in a quiet area inside, and giving them their own room if possible. Also keep that area warm, either via the thermostat, or blankets and heating pads, as newborn kittens can get cold quickly without their mother—even if she’s just taking a quick break to eat or relieve herself. Make sure to feed her a special cat food made for nursing cats, or failing that, canned kitten food. Kitten food has extra nutrients that growing cats need—and nursing cats also need the nutrition boost.

However, sometimes the mother cat isn’t around. For someone who has come across unattended kittens—first, watch and wait to make sure that their mother hasn’t just gone to hunt or move them, according to the Bideawee shelter, which has been operating in New York state since 1903. Stand at least 35 feet away from the kittens and watch them; sometimes it can take several hours for a mother cat to return, especially if humans are nearby.

While being with the mother cat is best, if something has happened to her and her kittens have been orphaned, don’t take them to a shelter or veterinarian. Newborn kittens need a lot of help, and shelters and vets often don’t have people on staff who can help 24 hours a day, Bideawee says. There are some cat rescues that can foster newborn kittens, so check to see if there are any nearby.

If there are no fostering options available, first, make sure that the kittens are warm. If they’re cold, warm them slowly by wrapping each kitten in a towel, hold them close to the body and rub them with warm hands. Once the kittens are warm, then they can be fed—but they’ll need to be fed every three hours, according to the New York City Animal Alliance, and that’s if they’re healthy. If they are in poor health, they may need feeding every two hours.

Kittens also need help relieving themselves. Mother cats generally stimulate urination and defecation by licking the kitten’s abdomen. Without a mother, though, humans can simulate this with gentle massage to that area.

That said—fostering newborn kittens is very difficult and time intensive, so if at all possible, it’s best to turn the kittens over to an expert, be they human or feline.

The original poster was praised for how much the mother cat appeared to trust them.

“She probably came to you because that’s where she felt safest,” u/Yousernym wrote.

A number of Redditors shared their own adorable stories of mother cats and their kittens.

“I knew a street cat who I suspect was a neighbor’s cat. She was pregnant and I would give her scratches and belly rubs. One day I woke up to the sound of loud meowing at my door. It was her. When I opened my door, she ran straight into my bedroom. Less than 5 minutes later the first one popped out. Needless to say, I adopted her and I kept one of her kittens too,” r/Mila_MM said.

“My sibling once took in a stray cat that they didnt know was pregnant and woke up a few weeks later to several newborn kittens on their chest. Our pets have so much love and trust for us,” r/Addicted2Death wrote.

“Ahh! I was sleeping over at my friends house (like every single weekend for years) and her cat who loved me wouldn’t leave me alone. I was like 12 and trying to play on AOL chat rooms and shooed her away. I knew she was pregnant but didn’t know she was READY. She eventually turned around revealing her uhhh … readiness. It was a little gorey for me I jumped up and followed her to the closet where her family had made a little birthing box . She wanted me there instead of my friend? :,) I woke everyone up and suddenly babies!” u/gur0chan wrote.

“Our family cat, Boots, was quite territorial; she seemed to find cats detestable creatures, and dispatched them from our yard with growls and hisses. Even the friendly advances of Muffet, the spayed female across the street, were rebuffed. There must have been one exception to the rule as Boots eventually got in the family way, and dropped a kindle of four little fur balls one spring. and that’s when it happened. I was coming out of the basement door when I froze in amazement: Boots had her kittens out on the driveway and was washing one. And so was Muffet! Poor ‘aunt’ Muffet, as we started to call her , was enamored of Boots’ family, and was dutifully washing a second! Boots seemed to appreciate the help, if anything, and wasn’t bothered in the least by her presence,” u/carmium said. “Sometimes cats are amazing.”

Newsweek reached out to u/vladgrinch for comment.

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