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Twinnies need help for the birds


Paula and Bridgette Powers, better known as the Twinnies, are in desperate need of help to raise at least $100,000 to continue to operate their Pelican and Sea bird Rescue service at their Landsborough base.

Their mother, Helen, who works alongside her daughters, has sent out an urgent plea for help.

“It pains me to write this but we are in serious trouble,” she said.

“We need to raise at least $100,000 to make sure we can continue to remain at our current location,” she said.

“It’s serious and to be honest, if we can’t raise the funds we will probably have to close. Our rent has increased significantly over the last little while which places us in this situation. “On top of this is the cost for feed for the pelicans and birds. Like everything else it has just skyrocketed in price meaning our weekly shops cost much more than ever.

“We’ve been thinking about what our other options are and to be honest, we’ve come to the conclusion that this is our base and it would be too hard to relocate all the pelicans and birds. We’ve built the infrastructure, the know-how here. It’s been our life for so many years and to re-locate would just be too hard.

“I’ve seen first hand the hard work that these girls do every single day of the week. The pelicans and birds would be lost without them, quite literally.

“They are such selfless girls. Always putting the birds first – driving big distances to save them at all hours of the day.

“The calls keep coming and it’s our promise that we will be there, night and day for them in their time of need. We just want to be.

“A move would be further compounded with the ongoing health concerns for Twinnies.”

Helen is asking people to give just the cost of a cup of coffee, just $5 to help.

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