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Birds make magnificent pets, according to Bomaderry’s Ray Faulds. And he would know – he owns more than 80 of them. They’re affectionate, low maintenance, easily entertained and can even hold down an alright conversation. “They’re not much trouble to look after and they’re a very affectionate pet if you spend the time with them,” said Ray, president of the Shoalhaven Avicultural Society. His beloved African gray parrot, Charlie, even helps with disciplining the dog. “They pick up everything you say … Charlie even tells the dog ‘stop barking,'” said Ray. Read more: Flood cleanup continues at St Georges Basin, Sussex Inlet It’s been all systems go for Ray, as the Shoalhaven Avicultural Society prepares for its next annual bird sale, which attracts local crowds and visitors from Batemans Bay, Southern Highlands and Wollongong. The society’s sale on April 2 will host more than 50 stalls, where attendees can browse a variety of bird species, purchase seed and connect with other bird lovers. “We have everything from little finches, quails, macaws and African greys,” said Ray. “We’ll have canaries, rosellas, large parrots – there’ll be something for everybody.” Seasoned bird breeders and anyone curious about owning a feathered friend are encouraged to come along. Ray recommends the cockatiel for new owners, but said anyone from the society will be there to answer questions about which bird could best suit their lifestyle. “Cockatiels are an easy bird to raise and very affectionate … and they’re not very noisy,” he said. “All our members are happy to talk to the public to teach them how to look after bird, how to train a bird and maintain a bird.” This year marks two decades of the society’s bird sale, with all proceeds to go towards Nowra PCYC to support local youth. It will be hosted at the Nowra PCYC, Park Road, Nowra and will start at 10am on Saturday, April 2. We depend on subscription revenue to support our journalism. If you are able, please subscribe here. If you are already a subscriber, thank you for your support.



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